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What do you use the break your head?

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โˆ™ 2010-07-29 09:24:51
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Q: The answer is Stone What is the the Question?
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What is 7 stone in kilos?

a stone = 14 lbs a stone = 6.4 kilos the question says kilos not pounds

What did the stone age people used for transportation?

The transportation in the stone ages was walking. Dose that answer your question?

How do you get a stone out of your ear?

I do not know i do but i wont answer Then leave the question answer is do not put a stone in your ear in the first place.

What is 8 stone 2 in pounds?

what is 8 stone 2 in pounds? Repeating the question is not an ... I believe there are 14 pounds to the stone. According to, 8 stone 2 in pounds is 114 pounds.

What stone should be used in a Zen garden?

A Zen garden is a garden of mindfulness. The question must then be, what stone should I use for my garden. If there is no answer, there is yet no stone. Wait. The stone will come and take its place.

How much is 73 stone?

This question has not been answered yet.

Spell stone in pet forest game?

sure , i can answer this question

Were do you find a moon stone?

This question seems to be under the catergory 'Video Games', so I do not know what you quite mean, but I know that you can find a certain stone called a 'Moon Stone' in lots of museums world-wide. I hope I answered your question. Bye! x

How many stone is 93 kilos?

1 kilo = 2.2046 pounds (lbs)93 kilos = 2.2046 * 93 = 205.03 pounds (lets say 205 pounds as it is nice round number)There are 14 pounds in a stone.14stone = 14*14 = 196 poundsbut we have slightly more than that (another 9 extra pounds on top)Question: How many stone is 196 pounds?Answer: 14 stonesQuestion: How many stone is 205 pounds?Answer: 14 stone and 9 pounds (if you want to work with parts of a stone)Original Question: How many stone is 93 kilos?Answer: 14 stone and 9 pounds.

What a Blarney Stone?

That's not really a question. Maybe you saw a really awesome Blarney Stone and meant to say, "What a Blarny Stone!!!!" But then it wouldn't really be appropriate to post on this site.

What do if your penis was a gun it will stone-cold mean?

Good question...

Why was it made of marble and stone?

Please make your question more specific.

What is stone cold Steve Austin beer?

What is stone cold Steve Austin beer? WHAT? I'd answer this question, but it doesn't make sense.

What is Georgias state stone?

Well........... first of all, that is not a pokemon question. But I'll answer. Georgia does not have a state stone, but it does have a state gem, quartz.

Stone cold Shawn Michaels - fallout?

what do you mean by Stone cold Shawn michaels - fallout cant answer if you don't understand the question

In Tenochtitlan their city means stone rising in the water Which civilization is it?

Question: In Tenochtitlan, their city means "stone rising in the water." Which civilization is it? Answer: The Aztecs.

You were told your stone was platinum where can you get this confirmed?

Platinum is a metal, not a stone. Need more info in the question. You can go to any jewelry store and have them look at your ring and tell you what it actually is since platinum is not a stone.

Is 6 stone heavy?

6 stone is about 84lbs, or 38kgs. Your question is pretty relative. Is 6 stone heavy compared to a car? nope. Is it heavy compared to a watermelon, yup. Hope that helps!

What Pokemon evolve with a moon stone in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Who cares? that's the question

Where in the book is the stone table located?

Not understanding question, do you mean what page or place?

Are there 100 carats in a ruby?

There could be if the stone in question weighed 100 carats.

What is the spetail Pokemon of the Eevee evolutions?

If your question is what are the different evolution stages of eevee the answer is: Vaporeon-water stone Flareon-fire stone Jolteon-thunder stone Espeon-friendship at day Umbreon-friendship at night Leafeon-leaf stone Glaceon-ice stone Hope I helped ^_^

What is a Capricorn's birth stone called?

Capricorn doesnt have a birth stone only MONTHS have birth stones so im sorry! what kind of question is that????

How do you tell if it is a genuine chocolate diamond or some type of gem stone?

Take your gem stone to a jeweler, who can confirm the mineral in question by using a probe.

Old stone age new stone age?

The Stone Age is divieded to 3 prats: Paleoithic(old), Mesolithic(middle), and the Neolithic(new). because you didn't explain the question very well.