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This "average" is the mode for the class.

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Q: The average grade in the class is total of all the grade points divided by the number of people in the class?
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What is the sum of all the data points divided by the number of data points?

the average

What is the difference of average and media?

Average is the sum of all data points divided by the number of data points. Median is the data point that is exactly halfway between the lowest and highest data points.

What is the average percentage for 89 percent 93 percent and 141 percent?

The average is defined as the sum of the data points divided by the number of data points. In this instance (89 + 93 + 141)%/3 = 108 %, to the justified number of significant digits.

What if your mean works out to be an uneven number?

In that case, the sum of all of your data points, when divided by the number of points, results in an uneven number, presumably an odd one.

How do you calculate an average in a graph?

change in y values of 1st and last points divided by the change in x values of the 1st and last points

How is slugging percentage different from batting average?

A batting average is number of hits divided by the number of at bats. Slugging Percentage is a mathematical equation. A HR is fout points, triple 3 points, a double is two, and a single is one. take the number of points added up, then divide by the number of at bats. For example, a batter goes 1 for 4 and hits a home run, which is four points. Four points divided into 4 at bats equals 1.000 slugging percentage.

What is the average number of points the New England Patriots score on Monday nights?

probably 31 points

How do I calculate my college grade point average if I received a B a C an A and an F and what happens because I got an F in one class?

You total the number of quality points and divide that number by the number of credits the courses added up to. If each course was three credits, the quality points would be 12 for the A, 9 for the B, 6 for the C, and 0 for the F. The total would be 27 quality points divided by the number of credits attempted which would be 12 (if three credits each). Thus, the grade point average would be a 2.25 which is typically a C average. You can increase that average dramatically by repeating the course you received the F in.

What grade is a 3 out of 4?

Usually every "A" you receive on a report card is allocated 4 points every "B" 3 points, "C" 2 points "D" 1 point "F" (fail) 0 points The total is then divided by the number of courses for which you received a grade, and the result is the grade point average. Thus if you took six courses and received a "B" in each, you would have 18 points, divided by the six courses for a 3.0 grade point average. Of course if you took six courses, got 2 "A"s 2 "B"s and 2 "C"s you would still have 18 points divided by the six courses and, once again, a grade point Average of 3.0. That's why it's called a GPA, or Grade Point AVERAGE. A GPA 3.0 is referred to as a "B" average, it doesn't mean you got a "B" in every course, but it was the AVERAGE value of the letter grade you received

What do the points on college transcript mean?

Each grade is assigned quality points. For example A = 12pts, B = 9pts, C = 6pts. The points are used to calculate the students grade point average (GPA). You take total number of quality points and divide that number by the number of credits taken, and that would give you the GPA. Thus, an A and a B would total 21 quality points, divided by 6 credits (if the two courses were 3 credits each) would equal a GPA of 3.5 (letter grade of B+).

What does getting points on your sales in the music business mean?

Points are percentages of the royalties that are divided from sales. Points are divided between people that will be earning off of a record or DVD sale. These points can be from a co-writer on one track, to the engineer, to the artist that recorded the album. Points are distributed based on contracts and negotiations prior to the sales.

What does PPG mean in basketball stats?

ppg = Power Play Goal nba = National Basketball Assoication