The baby's soft spot is called?

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The one on the top of the head is called the anterior fontanelle and the one at the back is called posterior fontanelle
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Baby's Diaper with a spot of blood what can it be?

As always for a health question like this, you should contact your baby's pediatrician or other health care provider to be certain, since each situation is unique.. In general, a single spot of blood isn't something to worry about, especially if your baby seems otherwise well. There are numerous po ( Full Answer )

What is an adult soft spot?

An adult soft spot is usually a soft spot found on the side of the skull, instead of the fontanel that are found in an infant's skull. What the adult soft spot does, it actually supports the skull; avoiding a severe head injury..

Someone having a soft spot for you?

Answer . Answer. Someone who has a soft spot for you probably wishes that you would ask them out, instead of wondering what a soft spot is.

Have a soft spot for?

soft-spots usually occur in babies, because when they are born their skulls are fully developed and has a weak spot in the middle

How hard is a baby's skull at the soft spot?

The fontanelle or "soft spot" at the front of a baby's head is where 4 bones join in the skull. It is not fragile, but also not the spot you truly want to expose to the elements. It's soft and vulnerable as there is no bone between your baby's brain and the outside world. There is tough tissue there ( Full Answer )

Why do adult have soft spot in top of head?

To support the skull; avoiding a sever injury, if headeaches are frequent it could be the cause of lack of fluid intake...drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to aliviate the headaches.

What is the name of the condition when a baby's soft spot hardens?

This condition causes the skull to bulge because the soft spot becomes hard. If left untreated the baby could die or become severely retarded. The condition can be corrected through surgery by cutting the skull into four quadrants. I cannot remember the name for this condition!. The name of the con ( Full Answer )

What is a baby soft spot?

Firstly, most people are unaware that babies actually have a baby soft spot on the top of the head which is diamond or kite shaped (anterior fontanel) and another one at the back of the head which is triangular (posterior fontanel). A newborn's soft spot exists where the skull has not completely ( Full Answer )

What is the soft spot on a baby's head called?

The soft spots on a baby's head are called fontanelles. There are two of them, the larger one close to the front of the head, and a smaller one that closes soon after birth further back on the head.

What is a babys soft spot called?

two "spots" generally combine to make up the larger spot. they are the posterior fontanel and the anterior fontanel

Is it possible to be spotting at 5 weeks and unable to see the baby's heartbeat?

Yes. Some doctors won't even do an ultrasound till at least 5 weeks. If you know for sure that you are pregnant, it is probably not going to be your period, although some women have experienced a "first" period then learns a couple of weeks later that they really are pregnant. It is possible that it ( Full Answer )

Do adults have soft spots?

If you are referring to the soft spot on a baby's head, that closes up well before adulthood.

Soft spot on babys head?

The "soft spot" is the area on top of the head where the bones of the skull have not quite joined. During pregnancy, the skull develops sort of like a jigsaw puzzle; it's not all one bone, but rather many bones that eventually meet and fuse. Some bones meet and fuse before the baby is born. Others f ( Full Answer )

Why do Babies have soft spots on their heads?

These "soft spots," called fontanels, are actually made of tough but flexible cartilage. A baby's brain grows very quickly, and this flexible cartilage lets the skull expand to make room. If the baby doesn't have this then they have it you just dont know where it is.

What is the soft spot on baby's head?

The soft spots are known as fontanelles. There are two of them and they may vary in size a little bit. The one at the back of the head is usually smaller than the other and triangular in shape. This is known as the posterior fontanelle. The other one is larger and is on the top of the head. It is di ( Full Answer )

Why is a baby's skull so soft?

because it makes them more fun to play with of course. Also because when they come out the skull hasn't fully grown yet.... BEEEAAANNNNSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

What if a baby's soft spot hard?

Normally If a fontanelle is hard, baby has a temperature, loss of appetite, this isn't a great sign. The best thing to do is see a doctor. As it could be something quite serious.

What is the soft spot on a baby?

its the spot at the top of an infants head were the skull is not completey hardened The fontanelle. A skull is composed of a number of plates that fuse together after birth. A newborn has close to 300 bones in its whole body and many of them fuse together before adulthood as an anult only has 206

When does a baby not need a soft spot on their head?

Soft spots, or fontanelles, are spaces in the skull that have not matured into bone yet. They allow the baby's brain to grow and make the skull more flexible so the baby can move down the birth canal. By the time the child is 2 years old their skull will be fully developed and the soft spots will be ( Full Answer )

Do dogs to have soft spots?

Yes A puppy can have soft spots. A breeder friend of mine recently had a puppy born with one and it filled in after a few months on it's own. She thought she was going to have to contrieve a helmet for him, but he's normal as can be now!

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Soft spots of a newborn baby's head?

The bones on baby's head are not fully grown and joined yet. because the head is the biggest part of the body, this also helps at birth, because bones can move a little bit and baby can be squeezed through birth canal. bones grow and then attach themselves a few months after the birth. do NOT push t ( Full Answer )

A baby's soft spot?

Anterior frontanelle is the soft spot because its a small section where the skull has not yet formed

I was told my grandbaby's soft spot is frozen. what does that mean?

The baby's soft spot (fontanelle) refers to the normal gaps between baby's un-fused bony plates in his/her skull. This eases the birth process by allowing the head to change shape slightly during birth, and also allows room for brain growth later on. The bony plates generally fuse (ossify) by the se ( Full Answer )

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What are soft spots in a babys head called?

"Fontanelle" (sometimes spelled "fontanel".) There are actually four of them, but the anterior fontanelle (directly on top) is usually the most noticeable.

What if baby's soft spot doesn't close?

The fontenel will stay soft and open for sometime as the childmatures and the brain grows to its proper size. Like most things,there's a whole gamut for a normal process.

What is the instrument for measuring baby's weight called?

Moments after each of my children was born, an expert and highly trained obstetric nurse placed the baby on a large pan that was covered with a fresh 'receiving' blanket and connected to a complex electro-mechanical apparatus, to which in every case she referred as a " baby scale ". I was well a ( Full Answer )

When does the soft spot on a babies head close?

The soft spot on a baby's head closes as he or she grows. Since thehead is still developing as an infant, it will gradually come intoits own as the child grows.

What is the soft spot on the infant's head called?

There are actually two soft spots on an infant's head and they'recalled "fontanelles". The posterior fontanelle is a soft spotlocated on the back of the infant's head. The anterior fontanelleis a soft spot located on top of the infant's head.

What are the membranous soft spots of a newborn's skull?

The soft spots are called fontanelles . They occur at thefibrous sutures (joints) between the plates of the skull, andusually fuse with bone (ossify) within the first two years afterbirth. The spacing between the skull plates is necessary for properexpansion as the brain grows.