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1) 'I did but someone stole it (crying)' 2. 'your grandma died' 3. 'i left my backpack in my locker' 4. 'you were sick' 5. 'i forgot it at home and my mom can email it to you(have your mom do it for you then email it)'

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Why shouldn't you have an hour of homework each night?

It depends on what grade a student is in, but there is no reason for students in middle and high schools to have an hour of homework a night.

What is sentence for apparent?

The news report stated that he died of an apparent heart attack. The teacher said to the student, "Given the expression on your face, it is apparent that you've forgotten your homework."

5 reason Why is homework annoying?

1. teachers tend to give homework all at the same time which makes the student unable to complete majority of it. 2. the fact that some teachers are immune to homework. they hate giving out homework yet other teachers give out homework every night 3. in class you seem to get it and then once you get home you go blank. 4. when you don't do your homework, the teacher checks it and when you actually do it, the teacher doesn't check it! (so fustrating) 5. if you tell the teacher you dont want homework, they'll be like 'how else are you going to learn and revise all this..what will you do in your test' and 'you'll see who you'll be thanking once the exams are over'..

Why student don't need homework?

the reason is because people have want it and they don't so they dont flunk

What should a teacher do to a student who comes late?

In my opinion, I think a teacher should mete out a punishment for a student who comes late. But it depends on what the student's reason, maybe for the first time, the teacher can let him off but if he keeps repeating it, you should take action immediately. Reason is because if the teacher does not punish the student, the student might think that the teacher is not going to punish him/her for not coming in punctually and once he has this mindset, this will become a habit. So its best to punish them so as to teach them the right thing because coming in late might caused the student to miss out on alot of things.

Let's say I didn't go to school for a month but tried to get homework can a teacher say she can't give me the homework I'm asking for from the days I'm absent?

There are rules (laws of your country) about children attending school. These will be followed by your school and teacher. If there is no valid reason for you not to attend school (eg you are gravely ill in hospital) then your teacher will report your absence to the government authorities and your parents, guardian or carer may be prosecuted. There is no reason, under normal circumstances, for your teacher to spend the time setting you special homework after your teacher has already taken the time to prepare your class lessons.

Why do schools have to give so much homework?

One reason school's say that they give so much homework is that parents would complain, however if they didn't give the homework kids would be doing better things with their time! Another reason is that each teacher has to give certain homework at different times, regardless of what other homework you had. Finally, the teachers themselves don't decide when to give homework, and they have to mostly give homework when the school says.

When there is good reason you did not do your homework you have a valid ex-what?

When there is good reason you did not do your homework you have a valid excuse.

Why don't schools teach religion?

The reason why school's don't teach religion because the teacher is not there to teach you about religion and why it's because the teacher will be going out of his league to teach the student or students about it.

Why it's good to do homework?

Though it may not seem like it, it gives you practice. Often, teachers will put extremely similar problems from homework on tests. Doing homework also increases your reputability in class, which gives your teacher more reason to respect you, and reward you with better grades.

Do class teacher can restrict student from last or final exam?

Yes, a class teacher can restrict a student from last or final exam, but there has to be a good reason. If you think the teach is unjustly fair then go to the office and speak to someone of authority or get your parents to speak up for you.

Was not a reason for the success of Spanish conquest of the Americas?

You need to answer this question because we don’t do homework and your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you you understood the lesson.

What are the repercussions if a teacher hit a student in self defense?

In a very general sense, any person can hit any other person if it is true self defense, HOWEVER, it may be against school policy to hit a student for any reason, and the teacher may be fired.

What do you do if my science teacher hates me and we don't have a council in our school and I am too scared to talk to teachers about this?

If you have no council at your school, have a talk with your parents about your concern. A teacher should never hate a student for any reason.

How do teachers react when they do not like a student?

Well, first off, if a teacher doesn't like a student, it must be for some particular reason. It is unfair if a teacher doesn't even know a student and proclaims that he/she doesn't like that student. Well, let's say the student is bad. Either way, I don't think they shouldn't dislike the student. They could make them go to the principal's office every day, suspend them, accuse them, make them stand and face the wall for the rest of the day, and there are much, much more... ...just because a teacher doesn't like the student. And that's wrong.

Why Homework should be started in the Classroom and Finished at Home?

In today’s society, homework for students is getting more complex and intense to be done solely at home. The need for the teacher to leave at least five minutes at the end of the class to make sure that every student understand how to complete his or her homework assignments prior to leaving the classroom. There are two reasons why it is important for teachers to strongly consider allowing students to start on their homework in class and complete the rest of it at home. These two reasons include the following:Parents WorkThe first reason why homework should be started in the classroom and finished at home is because parents are not always at home to help their child with homework. If they are at home, then sometimes they are not able to do some of the homework. For example, many parents are able to help their students with reading and writing activities, but when it comes to studying math and science topics at the secondary level, this is where parents get stuck. By starting on the homework in class, students are able to ask the teacher for assistance or help direct them to resources that will enable to complete their homework.Homework CompletionThe second reason why homework should be started in the classroom is to see who is actually completing the homework. Depending on the learners’ age, they may have additional assistance with their homework resulting in the ambiguity of determining who completed the assignment. For example, a second-grader who struggles with counting money in the classroom seems to be getting all of the homework correct. This is a red flag to alert the teacher that someone is helping the learner significantly with his or her homework instead of tutoring him or her in the topic. To avoid this, teachers can give students the opportunity to work on their work independently in the classroom so that they will know what a student knows or not. This strategy still gives them a chance to gain additional practice with the skill, but students are being a bit creative of where they complete their homework.The bottom line is that students arebenefitingfrom this strategy because they are able to get jumpstart with getting their homework completed whether this means that they can get the assistance necessary from the teacher of record or even a classmate.

Should kids have homework on the weekends?

*DO NOT ERASE OTHER ANSWERS!! ADD your answer to the end of the list*What do you think? Should you have weekend homework or not?No because we need free time to have a break from studyingNo, the reason school is on the weekends is to give student breaks each week, weekend homework is actual a very unfair thing to do.This question is often debated by educators, but the answers depends on state, school and teacher guidelines. The current trend for homework, however, is that it should only be used to enhance the lesson taught and well-practiced in the classroom. Meaning, if a student does have homework, it should be used to enrich, not punish, and the student should be able to complete the assignment independently.YES because it gives you more knowledge and you can be successful in your motives to reach your goals and it prepares you for the next grade.NO besides homework already assigned before because weekends should be reserved for breaks or at least bigger projects that need more time for.

Reason why computer Engineering student fail?

Reason why computer Engineering student fail?

What is the time limit for filing an insurance claim with Veterans Administration?

your teacher gave you this homework for a reason so it must me you learned it in school, stop cheating and do your work the way they want you to.

How do you make a teacher like you as a student in grade 8?

Do your work, don't mess around, get good grades and be a A+ student. Smile and raise your hand to answer questions. The teacher should like you then and if they don't they arent very nice then are they? more achievable: just be polite! say hi when you see them in the hall and don't mess around in class. i don't think that an A+ grade is what they care about. just be nice and friendly. if you see them carrying a heavy box for what ever reason help them with it, or if you see them drop something pick it up for them ect... AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Beginning A New Class?

When a college is beginning to offer online classes, they will sometimes let students take one or two classes for free. The reason that they do this is because they want to see if there is any interested in taking classes online. They also want to know if the program works for the student and the teacher when they submit any homework or tests.

Why students do not like to go to school?

The Reason For Why Students Do Not Want To Go To School Is The Fact That They Have To Do Homework, Listen To The Teachers Talk All Of That Class, If The Teacher Is In A Bad Mood There May Be A Possibility That The Teacher May Give Out More Homework. Students Do Not Like To Get Up Early, Lear, Do Homework, Deal With Teachers And Also The Main Thing DRAMA. No One Wants To Deal With That So This Is The Explanation For Why Students Do Not Like To Go To School.

Should teachers go to students houses?

Depends on the reason. If a student is homeschooled the teacher is required by the school district to go to the child's home, but if the reason is a social reason a teacher should not visit the child. Some school districts also require teachers to pay home visit at the start of the school year, but this is school business. Anything beyond school business is not proper unless the teacher is friends with the parents.

Is it right for a teacher to yell at students?

No. It is NOT right for a teacher to do that but if they have a good reason to, then yes. Like if you do something they asked you not to or ur hurting anouther student or somehting like that then yes. Bur if you feel like it was not right for them to do that to you, then tell some one.

What to do if you were sternly talked to by a teacher?

Find out why you were sternly talked to. If the reason was valid, take the teacher's advice. If this was done out of anger, seek help from a student councilor, parent of principal.