The best penguin on Club Penguin?

The best penguin on Club Penguin (actually mentioned by C.P. in an article), is stated "One of Club Penguin's best supporters, oldest penguins, and has been reported as 'one of a Kind' is Fuji06. If you see her, give a shout out! Waddle On Club Penguin!" As the article states, give her a shout out if she's seen! Waddle On! This was an April fools prank which was in the Penguin Times.

The most pouplar penguins are:
  • The moderators; Billybob, rsnail, Gizmo, Happy 77 and Screenhog.
  • The characters; Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic, Gary, Candence, Sensei, and the Penguin Band.
  • Famous bloggers; Paintboy100, Sainty1, Watex (Fever).
  • Beta Testers

And i LOVE Watex (Fever) because he was the first penguin to finish veggie villain and mysterious tremors.