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The best trees to plant next to an artesian well are ones that are pretty self-contained. Ones with vines would be a bad idea.

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Other than palm trees what trees are good to plant near a pool?

Bamboo trees.

Why should a small plant not be planted near big trees?

The large trees steel the water, so the small plant suffocates.

Where do apple trees grow best?

The Mountains Full sun, well drained soil is best. Do not plant near cedar trees as cedar can develop a fungus called apple rust which can effect your apple crop.

What should you do to help prevent erosion near a shoreline?

plant trees

What plant disperses by water?

Banana trees are a very popular plant that only grows near water. Banana trees require very moist soil.

Slogans for afforestation?

Some slogans on afforestation are: Plant trees. Save the world. Plant trees now, they will save you in the near future. Plant trees. Plant hope for a better future. Stop deforestation to beat atmospheric pollution. Stop deforestation to save our nation.

Animal Crossing Wii how do you get an orchard?

You plant lots of fruit trees near your house. Just be aware that the trees don't always grow.

Where is the best place to plant pot chrysanthemums?

Plant them where they will get a lot of sunlight but not near street lights.

What kind of a habitat do willow trees live in?

They grow best near water and in the spring.

Why are your trees and shrubs dying after your neighbor drained his chlorine pool into your backyard?

Chlorine is used as a sanitizer for pools, not a fertilizer for plant. It kills things, like bacteria. Chlorine is a chemical and will kill, or at best, hurt plant and trees. Never just dump your pool water on or near plants and trees. Go to: for more info.

What is the best plant to put near dogs?

Well i know what not to put, a bush!

What trees grow near rivers?

willows and pine trees grow near rivers

Which trees grow near rivers?

some trees that grow near a river are people

Can you plant a cyclamen outdoors?

Cyclamen can be planted outdoors. They are hardy plants and can withstand cold winters, and even snow. Plant these plants where they have a buffer, such as near shrubs, trees, and buildings.

Where to find Burmy in Pokemon Diamond and in Pokemon Pearl?

Put honey on trees. The best trees to find brumy on are - The best - The One at Valley Windworks Second Best - The one west of Hearthome Third Best - The one near Floroma town.

What tree grows best near water?

Several trees will do this in different countries, Willow is a good example.

Where is the best place to put a ladybird house?

They usually work best out of the wind, rain, and storms. It should also be near the garden or the fruit trees.

What are the trees found in warm areas?

Palm trees and mangrove trees (near warm water).

What type of grounding is implemented near power transformer in generating plant?

Kobe is the best basketball player

What is the best way to plant asparagus?

Put it in the ground By Daniel Gray "ginge" Near the lake pub

What is a vermiliad?

A vermiliad is a tropical plant that is grown close to the ground on or near trees. The poisonous dart frog uses it's leaves to protect it from the rain and sun.

Can you plant raspberry bushes near black walnut trees?

I have black raspberries growing like crazy under my black walnut - not sure about red though.

When people plant vegetation what effect will they have on erosion?

I live near sand dunes. Grass is planted to prevent erosion. On a mountainside trees perform a similar function

Why is it colder near trees?

It is colder near the trees because water from the leaves vaporizes,ÊreducingÊthe surrounding temperature. In addition, trees shades block sunlight from reach the ground.Ê

Why are tall trees found near the equator?

Tall trees are found near the equator because they can spread their leaves far and wide.

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