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There is not a listed name for the Indiana Central Canal. This canal is eight miles long and another 80 miles are still awaiting completion.

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What is the center of the osteon called?

It's called the Central Canal. The Central Canal contains Nerves and Blood Vessels.

What are the central canal and its surrounding lamellae called?

An osteon.

The longitudinal canal carrying blood vessels lymphatics and nerves is called?

Central (Haversian) canal

Cells that line the ventricles and central canal are called?


What are the functions of central canal?

what is the function for central canal

What is central canal narrowing?

what ismoderate central canal narrowing

The digestive system is also called the?

it is also called alimentary canal

What are the layers of bony matrix around a central canal called?

Concentric lamellae

The hole in the spinal cord through which csf flows i called?

Central canal....

Part of the central nervous system extending from the brainstem through the vertebral canal?

The brain stem. The vertebral canal is called the foramen magnum.

What is the vertical canal in an osteon?

The central (Haversian) Canal.

What is the famous canal of Central America?

panama canal

What is a man-made passage to water?

A man made passage to water is usually called a canal. Some famous canal include the Erie Canal in New York, the Panama Canal in Central America, and the Suez Canal in Egypt.

What do you call the hollow cavity through which the spinal cord passes?

The central canal of the spinal cord. The central canal, also known as ependymal canal, is the cerebrospinal fluid-filled space that runs longitudinally through the length of the entire spinal cord.

What does the central canal of the spinal cord contain?

The central canal of the spinal cord contain cerebrospinal fluid.

What lines the central canal of the spinal cord?

Ependymal cells line the central canal of the spinal cord

What is the tissue in the central canal of bone that consists chiefly of fat cells called?

Yellow Marrow.

What is the canal by which the spinal cord passes through?

The Central Canal

What are Cells arranged around a central canal?

A type of neuroglia call Ependymal cells. These line the central canal.

What Central American country's economy is based on farming but also earns money from its canal?


What does the auricle or pinna in the ear do?

It collects the sound and transmits it to the auditory canal (also called ear canal).

Which connective tissue cells are arranged around the central canal?

The connective tissue cells are called osteocytes.

Where is place Panama Canal?

The Panama Canal is in Panama, which is in Central America

What is the name of the canal that sperates central and south America?

Panama Canal

Is the Panama Canal located in England?

No, the Panama Canal is in Central America.