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otelul galati

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Q: The chain of smaller island in the Caribbean are called what?
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What island chain is Grenada part of?

Grenada is part of a chain of islands called? It is part of the Caribbean Islands.

What is long chain of islands that separate the Caribbean Sea from the rest of the Atlantic Ocean?

The long chain of islands that separates the Caribbean Sea from the rest of the Atlantic Ocean is known as the Caribbean Islands. This island chain includes Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.

What chain of Caribbean Islands includes Jamica Cuba Hispaniola and Puerto Rico?

The chain of islands in the Caribbean with cuba is called Greater Antilles.

What islands are archipeligo?

An archipelago is a chain of island. Eg The Hawaiian Island. I think the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean also is an archipelago.

What is a chain of island called?

archipelago. i group of island together

What do you call a chain of island?

it is called archipelago

How many countries in The Caribbean?


What is the island chain where Columbus landed called?

The Bahamas

Are the Bahamas an island?

its called Bahamas because it has many islands it isn't just one. that's why they call it bahma"s" because it is plural there are more than one island. or if there were one it would be called bahama_

Dos SNCF Voyages have cruises to the Caribbean island chain?

Voyages-sncf is an internet travel agency website. They can help you with hotel, camping, train and ferry needs but they do not have cruises to the Caribbean.

What is it called when one animal hunts a smaller animal?

a food chain

What is called a collection of island?

A chain of islands is an archipelago.