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The American Civil Service was created to overcome the nepotism and cronyism that was rife in federal employment. Laws were passed that ensured that people were hired on merit not because of relationships.

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Q: The civil service system was created .?
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Which president created the Civil Service System?

Chester A. Arthur

The civil service system was created to put an end to what?

Civil service virtually ended the the spoils system. Civil service workers get their jobs through competitive examinations and keep them even though a new administration comes into power.

What president created the Civil Service System?

Chester Alan Arthur was the president when the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act was passed in 1883.

When was Civil Service F.C. created?

Civil Service F.C. was created in 1863.

When was Civil Service Union created?

Civil Service Union was created in 1944.

When was Service Civil International created?

Service Civil International was created in 1920.

When was Confederate Civil Service created?

Confederate Civil Service was created in 1861.

What created an intelligent capable governing class in China?

The civil service examination system

The primary motive behind the creation of the Civil Service System was to?

The Civil Service System was created to improve the quality of federal workers. Prior to the implementation of the system, employees were mainly selected as a reward for political favors. This resulted in people who were really not qualified to do their jobs. The Civil Service System assured the right candidates for the job.

When was Newport Civil Service F.C. created?

Newport Civil Service F.C. was created in 1963.

When was Ethiopian Civil Service College created?

Ethiopian Civil Service College was created in 1995.

When was Civil Service Hurling Club created?

Civil Service Hurling Club was created in 1923.