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Pill, asap. Pregnancy test too, just in case.


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As long as no semen fell out of the condom inside you, the chances are virtually nil.

If it wasn't a spermicidal condom there is a 2% chance of you conceiving.

On monday I had sex and used a condom, during the sex though the guy pulled out and noticed that the condom had fell off, thinking that it had fell off onto the ground we stupidly decided to keep having sex now unprotected where he came inside of me (he also had *** inside of the condom)the next day [yesterday] i got up in the night to use the rest room and the condom had fell out of me i haven't been taking my birth control regularly and i haven't taken it since sex but i took it the day before we had sex....could i be pregnant? also, sometimes it seems like I'm spotting when othertimes i don't could that be from the condom being left inside of me and if not, what?

It happened to me, it will just fall out x

You could be. Take a test if you miss a period

Well... that happened to me and i got pregnant with twins. Boys Jake and Ryan the condom fell off inside of me so i rang hospital and the called me for an operation. They put me to sleep and did an operation called Bib. Its a sex operation they do to you if a condom has fell off inside you. they dig into your vagina and look for it. They take it out close the vagina if they cut it open they stitch it and then awake you again. After they found out i was pregnant i was shocked!

Still a chance, less than if you had not used a condom at all, but the chance it still there since there was contact

even if you wouldn't have used a condom the chances would have been 99/1 because you're on the pill. now that you used double protection but it fell off i bet it was like 99,0000000001/1 so you don't have to worry. just try to get the condom out of the vagina ^^

Not pulled apart but RIPPED apart to shred's.

Pregnancy is possible, but Nuva Ring is a highly effective method. Pregnancy is unlikely in the situation you describe.

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yes it is possible that the condom did break.......... and mabye it slid off but did you examine the condom to see if it broke i mean it could have not fit him.

Hi,Your question is:Ways of getting pregnant with the condom on?You can become pregnant when using a condom if the following should occur:* Condom falls off* Condom rips or tears* Condom has any holes in it.Aaah That Happend To Meh And My Ex-Girl Friend Jenny ,, We Were Happily Bangin When Suddenly She Pulled me Into Her Even More She Started Sayin Hardder Hardder .. I Did ,, The Condom fell off , She Got Pregnant ,, The Condom Was Still In Side Of Her Though ,, She Had A Termination Because We Broke Up Threw All The Arguements About Who's Fault It Was ,, We Got back together ,, The Same Kind Of Thing Hapend But We Were So Drunk We Forgot The Condom ,, Now We Have Split Up And She Had Another Termination ! So Guyz Be careful out there x

You need a empty Pringles can and you stuff it with soft sponges. In the middle you put a condom and put the edges around the edges of the can so it wont get pulled out.

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