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If the cum is fully inside the condom, then no. But if the open end went inside then you took it out, or some cum got it awhile you pulled it out, and septed around the condom, then yes you could possibly be pregnant. If you're really that concerned, go to the pharmacy and get an over the counter Birth Control pill called the "day after pill." It will help stop the chances of pregnancy the sooner you take it. It is about 50$.

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Yes, a week after your period puts you at the beginning of your peak fertility, if you ovulate in the next 5 days you could get pregnant. Using a condom with spermicide greatly reduces the risk.

if for some reason the sperm my have enter your body that could be a question. if the head of the codom was full you should be ok

If the man's penis slipped out of the condom (must be an extra large condom) and he came inside you then it's quite possible.

very likely you should get a pregnancy kit and test yourself or go to a clinic. A. R.

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The fluid commonly called 'pre-cum' or pre-ejaculate doesn't always contain sperm, and there is scientific debate about if it is likely to cause pregnancy if it does. If he did not ejaculate, then the odds of pregnancy from a slip-up like this are very low. However if the penis enters the vagina for any length of time, pregnancy is possible, even if it is very unlikely. Always take a pregnancy test if you have any doubts.

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You don't want to know the chances of her being pregnant. You want to know if she is pregnant. An old stats teacher told the joke: "All chances are 50-50. Either an even will happen, or it won't. " The chances of her being pregnant is a meaningless idea. Have her take an otc test, or take a trip to her doctor, or wait a few weeks.

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Yes, it's pretty unlikely but possible. Eat a morning after pill just in case!

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