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Q: The congressional leaders whose major task is to keep party members in line and track votes are called?
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Who elects city council members?

The leaders in a town that have a mayor-council government are elected officials. There is usually an election every 4 years to elect the major and the council members. Citizens of the town are allowed to vote.

Congressional spending power?

The Executive Branch imposes six major restrictions on it

Who were the major leaders in Spain from 1898-1899?

The major leaders in Spain from 1898-1899 include Canovas del Castillo and Praxedes Mateo Sagasta. These were the leaders of the Liberal Party.

Who where leaders of Greece?

they had a lot of leaders, but Alexander the great was one major one

Who were the leaders of the major countries?

my balls

What are Judaism's major leaders?


The top official of two major parties is called the?

The top leaders of the major parties are called the minority and the majority leader. The minority leader heads the party in the minority in a particular House and the majority leader heads the majority party.

Who is the head of parliament?

There could be a few people that could be considered leaders... The Clerks of each of the chambers are the leaders of the parliament in the sense of parliament as an institution. The presiding officers are the leaders of parliament in the sense that they chair meetings of the parliament. The leaders of the two major parties (Premier/Leader of Gov in Upper House and Opposition Leader) are that in the sense they control the bulk of members of the parliament.

Who were Germany's major military leaders in world war 2?

One of the leaders were Hitler.

Who were the 3 major political leaders in the 60s?


Who hnadles the major portion of the congressional business of the house and senate?

the standing committee of the House and Senate.

How many chiefs and leaders does the Kiowas tribe have?

white bear man one the major leaders