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Septober the 25

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Q: The date William Shakespeare's 1st play was written and performed?
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What is the Date of William shakespeares marriage?


What was the year that William Shakespeares twins were born?

William Shakespeare's twins were born in February i do not know the exact date .

What has the author William Steward written?

William Steward has written: 'Gouldtown, a very remarkable settlement of ancient date'

What is weird about William Shakespeares birthday?

William Shakespeare's actual birth date is not known, but is celebrated on the anniversary of his baptism - and many people think he died on his birthday (April 23, St. George's Day)

Date of shakespeares birth?

Born: April 23, 1564

What has the author William Ravetta written?

William Ravetta has written: 'Up-to-date magical ideas' -- subject(s): Magic tricks

When was Shakespeares baptized?

April 25, 1564. His birth date is assumed to be April 23 from this date.

What was interesting about the recorded date of William shakespeares death?

He was born on April 23, 1564 He died on April 23, 1616 Therefore the interesting thing about his death is that it is the same day as his birthday.

What were the dates of shakespeares birth and date?

I thought it was at the time of St. George's day: 23rd April

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This march was written in 1929 and would have been performed shortly after.

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Ivor William James Johnston has written: 'The private finance initiative - its progress to date and its releva nce to the Northern Ireland water industry'

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