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Committed means to give yourselfto someone. to be loved or something... Like you would have committed your love to your wife or husband, maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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What is the definition of family commitment?

what is the meaning of family or social commitment

Definition of unit commitment?


What is definition of commitment date?

A commitment date is a set date that you are supposed to do something specific. An example would be a meeting for your job next Friday at 2.

What is a definition for Methodological Rigor?

commitment to a specific process which will produce an outcome that is factual and complete.

What is the definition for emotionally unavailable?

By definition, people who are emotionally unavailable tend to create complicated emotional barriers between themselves and others. They do this to avoid commitment and intimacy.

What is the legal definition of obligation?

An obligation is a contractual or legal commitment to receive something from another person or entity, who is obliged to give it.

What is the definition of perseverance?

Perseverance is continuous performance of one's work or duties even when it is uncomfortable or dangerous, commitment, hardwork, patience and endurance.

Definition of healthy lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is a lifelong commitment to follow a healthy eating plan, manage your weight and do regular physical activities.

How do you use commitment in a sentence?

I'll take a break after I complete one more commitment.

What is the antonym of lack of commitment?


Definition and example initiative and commitment to achieve?

Initiative is your will to be self-driven toward success. Taking initiative to learn more about what you're interested in, or to take on tasks without being told, is a sign that you want to grow and succeed. It also shows a commitment to achievement.

What part of speech is commitment?

Commitment is a noun.

What is the phobia of commitment called?

commitment phobia

What is the nature and definition of same-sex marriage?

The essence of same-sex marriage is love, commitment and interdependence. The definition of same-sex marriage is a state of legally recognized matrimony between two persons of the same sex.

Who sang about 'Commitment'?

leann rhimes sang it

What does lack of commitment mean in a relationship?

Lack of commitment

What is the correct spelling of commitment?

The correct spelling is commitment.

What is the Spanish word for commitment?

commitment = el compromiso

How do you spell comittment?

This is how you spell it: commitment

Use commitment in a sentence?

i made a commitment to my parents that i would be back by 10. commitment means like an agreement.

What color symbolizes commitment?

Blue is a color that symbolizes commitment.

Why is Mother Teresa a commitment?

she is a commitment because she helped others.

Make a sentence by the word commitment?

i made a commitment to a friend

What you mean commitment?

i see commitment as a charge by a prisoner in jail

How do you spell commitment?

That is the correct spelling of "commitment" (dedication, obligation).