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growth of bacteria as indicated by the turbidity in the test tubes

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Q: The dependent responding variable in this experiment is?
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What is another name for the dependent variable in an experiment?

Responding variable

Is the dependent variable or the responding variable the one being tested in an experiment?

Yes. The dependent variable is the variable that is being measured during the experiment.

In a scientific experiment the responding variable can also be called the?

the dependent variable hhehehe(:

The variable that is observed during an experiment is called what type OS variable?

The responding or dependent variable

Define dependent responding variable?

A dependent (responding) variable is a condition that can change as the result of an independent variable's alteration. It can also be referred to as an effect. Every well-designed experiment has three kinds of variables. 1) Control variables, which are the same for each stage of the experiment. 2) Independent (manipulated) variables, which represent what is being changed by experimenters. 3) Dependent (responding) variables, which respond to the change and ideally are the direct result of the change in the independent (manipulated) variables.

What is a measured variable?

The dependent variable is the variable that is measured in an experiment.

A variable measured in an experiment?

The variable measured in an experiment is called the dependent variable" the outcome factor". In contrast, the independent variable is the experimental factor that is manipulated; the variable who effect is being studied.

What is is a responding variable?

It means the factor that changes as a result of changes to the manipulated, or independent, variable in an experiment; also called dependent variable.

What is the difference between a manipulated verible and a responding variable?

A manipulative variable is the variable you can alter, while the responding variable is the variable you have no control over. A manipulated variable is what is changed purposely throughout the experiment. The responding variable is which you have to measure to get your results I think. But the responding variable depends on the dependent variable. I believe I'm right!

What is the responding or dependent variable in volcano experiment?

You measure the amount of baking soda put in he volcano

What is an independent variable dependent variable and controlled variable?

an independent variable is a thing you can change on your own. a depentent variable is a variable you depend on and a responding variable is a variable that reacts to the experiment

What is the difference between independent variables and dependent variables?

The independent variable is the variable being manipulated in the experiment in order to show the effect on the dependent variable. It is also called the experimental variable.The dependent variable is the variable being observed in the experiment. Changes in the dependent variable as a result of changes in the independent variable are observed, which is the purpose of the experiment. Dependent variable is also called the response variable.