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Arteries carry blood away from the heart, veins carry blood to the heart, and capillaries branch off of arteries and veins. Capillaries are essentially min-arteries and min-veins.

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Can you feel pulse in a vein artery or capillary?

yes in artery, you can but capillary and veins no. yes in artery, you can but capillary and veins no. yes in artery, you can but capillary and veins no.

What are the parts of the blood vessels?

The answer is an artery(arteries), a vein(veins), and a capillary(capillaries)

What carries blood between the arteries and veins?

Heart > artery > arteriole > capillary > venule > vein > heart

How is the structure of veins and arteries related to their fuction?

compare and contrast the structure of a vein and artery

What is the smallest vessel that connects the arteries with veins?

Capillaries connect arteries and veins. =========== Yes, with arterioles and venules in between. (artery - arterioli - capillary - venule - vein)

What is the Blood flow path from capillary bed of left thumb to the capillary bed of right thumb?

Small veins into larger veins, eg antecubital to subclavian to brachiocephalic to superior vena cava to right atrium of heart to right ventricle to pulmonary artery to lung capillaries to pulmonary veins to left atrium to left ventricle to aorta to brachiocephalic trunk to right subclavian artery to radial or ulnar artery to thumb!

What differences did you observe in the structure of an artery and vein of the umbilical cord?

The arteries and veins in an umbilical cord are different from the vessels in the rest of the body. These are more numerous and much thinner.

The structure of a lymphatic vessel is most similar to that of a artery?

the walls of lymphatic vessels are similar to those of veins

Is a capillary a vessle?

A capillary is the smallest blood vessel. It connects arteries and veins.

What is the structure of microcirculation?

Microcirulation consists of terminal arterioles connected to capillaries. The capillaries are connected to post-capillary venules which are connected to the veins,

What are the differences between the structure of arteries and veins?

The walls of the artery are generally thicker and their tunica media layer contains more smooth muscle and elastic fibres. When it is not opposed by blood pressure, the walls of the artery still contracts so arteries generally appear to be smaller in histological sections. As the endothelial lining of an artery cannot contract, an artery's endothelium is thrown into folders when it constricts and it gives it a pleated appearance. Veins do not have these folds.

When blood within the pulmonary capillary network is oxygenated it travels to the heart via which structure?

It comes back through the pulmonary veins. Veins always carry blood TO the heart. This is the only case where veins are high in oxygen.

Is a blood vessel a vein or an artery?

A 'blood vessel' can be an artery, vein, capillary, or an arteriole or a venule. These last two are minor arteries or veins. While technically a muscle, the heart is sometimes referred to as the 'largest blood vessel in the body'.

What is the direction of blood flow in a capillary?

Blood flows from arteries to veins or from arterioles (small arteries) to venules (small veins) in a capillary bed.

What does a capillary?

A capillary connects arteries and veins. it is the site of diffusion of materials from cells to and from the bloodstream.

Trace the blood flow of a human from head to leg?

Head (In arteries)> Arterial Capillary Bed>Venus Capillary Bed>Veins>Jugular Veins>Superiod Vena Cava> Right Atrium (of heart>Right Ventricle (of Heart)> Pulmonary Arteries>Left Atrium (Of heart)> Left Ventricle (Of heart)>Aorta>Femoral Artery. After the Femoral artery the blood flow varries, unless you can give a more specific answer than "leg"

What is the blood flow from the capillary beds of left thumb to the right thumb?

Small veins into larger veins: ulnar vein (feeds the thumb side) to subclavian v. to brachiocephalic v. to superior vena cava v. to right atrium of heart to right ventricle to pulmonary artery to lung capillaries to pulmonary veins to left atrium to left ventricle to aorta to brachiocephalic trunk to right subclavian artery to ulnar artery to thumb!

What are malfunction of organ structure in the human circulatory system?

heart disorder hypertension coronary artery disease arteriosclerosis's veins

What are the histological differences between artery and vein?

The tunica media of arteries is larger than that of veins of same size.The tunica adventitia is larger in veins than arteries of same size.

How are arteries connected to veins?

how veins connected to hte artery

What happens in the capillary?

The capillary is the site of diffusion of materials to and from the cells and bloodstream. They connect arteries and veins.

What makes a vein different from an artery in terms of the structure?

The artery has more muscle, media layer. This is used for contraction. The veins have little muscle layer, but have valves to prevent back flow.

Is the artery bigger than a vein?

No the veins are bigger than the artery

What is the comparison between the structure of the vein and the artery?

the veins are narrower and the arteries are thicker because the arteries should have to withstand a great force

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