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The most common cause of this problem is this: The handle that you pull on to move the seat usually has a couple of small wires attached to it that go to the "Locks" on the rails under your seat. One or both of these may be broken. The other not so common cause is that the rails under your seat have become bent or rusted from moisture. The only real fix for this is to pull out your seat and replace it, or on some seats you can pull off the whole sliding assembly from your existing seat, and get a new seat from a scrap yard out of the same model and year vehicle and pull the slider assembly off of it, and re-attach it to your seat.

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Q: The drivers seat in your 1991 wont pull forward?
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Where is a battery located in a transit van?

under the drivers seat pull the seat forward and there it is. ta

How do you get to the battery in 95 riviera?

Pull up the rear seat till it pops up and pull it forward. you will find the battery to the left. the negative is on left and posative is on the right. pull up the seat till it pops. pull it up and forward. the battery will be on the passenger side. negative is on passenger posative is on the drivers side. dont forget to pull up the seat belt clips when replacing the seat.

How do you flip forward a 1997 Jeep Wrangler passenger seat to access the backseat?

flip seat back forward, then grab release handle on the back of the bottom part of the seat and pull seat forward.

Can the seat track be extended to accomadate short drivers?

It'd probably be easier to move the tracks forward completely. Or mount the seat with a forward offset.

How do you remove backseat of BMW 535 to get to battery?

Battery is behind drivers seat, just put hand under the rear seat lip, and give it a sharp pull upwards, then slide forward. Regards Peter

How do you charge a battery on a ford transit van?

Pull drivers seat forward pop the lid under seat and there she is ,attach leads of charger and plug in, alternatively go to a Ford main Dealer, they know how to charge!

How do you replace the rear seat in Mercury Villager?

pull forward on the small side handle wich looks like a wrench at the same time pull seat forward pop goes the weasel

Does the rear seat in a 2000 echo fold to get to the trunk?

Yes, just pull up on the knob at the back top of the rear seat area, and pull the seat forward.

How do you flip forward a Jeep Wrangler passenger seat?

There should be a finger strap about where the passengers right shoulder would be. Pull forward and the seat should disengage and fold forward.

How do you release back seat on 94 Toyota 4 runner?

release the bar and pull. There is a small lever next to each back headrest. Pull the lever UP and the seat will release. Then pull the seat forward.

How do you get to battery under seat in ford transit?

slide drivers seat right forward and remove plastic covering

How do you move the drivers seat forward in a Renault Grand Scenic?

Press the Button...

How do you put headrest back on second row seat Tahoe?

Pull the seat forward as if you were folding the seat down. The headrest will unlock and pull down (same procedure to get the headreast up).

How do you get the back seat of a 98 Chevy Blazer to fold down The lever seems to move the cable but the seat won't fold forward. Any suggestions?

Sometimes the latch on mine sticks on the drivers side, i usually push the seat back with my other hand to relieve the pressure on the latch. I then pull up on the handle and the latch will release all the way and allow the seat to come forward.

How do i open the engine compartment on mr2?

There is a pull lever behind the drivers seat

Should the drivers seat on a 1991 YJ be loose?

I have a 1992 YJ, and the seat is not loose. I don't think it would be safe to have a loose seat.

How do you remove front seats from a 1973 super beetle?

Pull lever at the front of the seat up and pull the entire seat forward. It will come straight off the runners.

How do you remove the back seat out of 1991 Chevy Corsica?

To remove the back seat from most GM vehicles, Lift the front of the seat section then pull the seat forward. After the seat bottom is removed, there should be a couple bolts holding the bottom of the seat back into place. After removing those bolts you should be able to lift the seat straight up and remove it.

Which fuse controls the driver seat and remote entry on a 1997 buick park avenue?

owners manual states that The rear fuse block under rear seat -position # 5 controls Mem Seat Module, Drivers Seat Switch, Drivers Lumbar SW Gently pull up on front of rear seat cushion to release front hooks and lift up and out forward. Be careful not to damage fuse center

How does the seat lever on the back of the passenger seat activate the passenger seat to allow the seat to roll forward to allow entry into the back seat?

If your cables are stretched or not working properly, which allow your seat to tumble forward, there is another way of letting the set come forward. If you look under the seat, there is two levers and a bar that connects to both of them. If you twist the bar towards you it will engage the two levers and allow you to pull your seat towards the front windshield. You have to twist the bar with one hand and pull on the seat with the other to bring it forward. Hope this helps you with your problem.

How do you remove passenger seat on 2005 Honda civic?

A front passenger seat on a 2005 Honda Civic is held on by four bolts. Pull the seat back to loosen the front two. Pull the seat forward to reach the two rear bolts. Remove the seat.

How do you get a 2002 ford explorer drivers seat to move back and forth?

If its a manual seat there is a lever in front of the seat underneath you pull up. If its power there will be a oval shaped lever that you push forward. You can also use that lever to adjust up, down, etc. The lever will be on the left side of seat, towards the bottom on the plastic trim.

How do you take off a seat on a 1985 Honda rebel?

there should be two bolts behind the passenger seat, take those out. pull the strap on the passenger seat forward and pull the seat back. after you take the passenger seat off you can see the bolts for the front seat, take them off and back the seat out of the lip.

Where is the battery in a Renault megane scenic 1997?

Ours is under the drivers seat. You pull on a lever and the whole seat tips backwards. Hope this helps. There are two red levers under drivers seat which you pull together, which makes the seat tip revealing box where battery is kept. you also unscrew seat adjustment lever for access of battery. this is quite an easy job to do.

How do you fold the rear seat in a 1994 Jeep Cherokee?

first pull the seat forward then release the back by the leverl on the siides of the back by the seat belt lap harness

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