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your bulb is faulty- replace it

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Q: The fan lights on your dasboard do not light up when the lights are on how do you know what fuse to change It is an 02 golf tdi?
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Why in my Cavalier 94 tail lights don't work and the interior dash lights don't work but the stop light and the signals lights work?

you have to replace the dashboard lite fuse in the fuse pannel ,it is located under the dasboard on the left side

Which fuse do you change when lights inside don't work?

interior light fuse

Where is the fuse for dash lights on a 1995 Grand Am?

Should be the same fuse for parking light/tail lights Should be the same fuse for parking light/tail lights Should be the same fuse for parking light/tail lights Should be the same fuse for parking light/tail lights

Which fuse or fusible link is the correct one to change if the dash lights are out on a 1999 Maxima if it is not labeled dash lights?

check the dome light fuse that could be the problem.......or interior fuse Instrument lights.

If the right half of your dash lights are burned do you change a fuse or a light bulb?


Which fuse do you change for dashboard lights?

Go to your fuse box, and it should have some kind of listing for lights. It could be the "accessory" fuse or some other light fuse. Its more of trial and error until you find the winner.

Where is the fuse for plate light on a 2002 Malibu?

The tail lights and plate lights are on the same fuse, if the tail light come on it is not the fuse. Plate lights are not checked that often and it is common for them both to be brunt out when they are noticed.

Why would your turn signals work so does your brake light in rear window but your brake lights and warning lights do not?

change the fuse if not replace flasher

How do I change the reverse light fuse on Megane Mk 11 and where is the fuse box the reverse lights are not working but everything else is.?

It may be the reverse light switch that need replacing, which is on the transmission.

All lights working except brake lights. Is there a brake light fuse?

There should be a fuse for the brake lights. If the fuse is good always check the ground wire.

Your lights on the dashboard of your 306 won't light how do you change lights on the dashboard?

IF it is the all the dash board lights it is probably a fuse, else if it only one light the switch on the is probably gone that lights up that light. There are no dash bulbs a they are LEDS so the chances of them blowing is slim

The brake lights dont work on my 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis but all other lights work?

change the brake lights check the fuse check the brake light swtch

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