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Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty beer glass.
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How will you remove a crumpled paper inside an empty glass without holding the glass and the crumpled paper inside the empty glass?

Hear the fiendish answer: Get someone else to move the glass for you. Take the paper. The trick is in the wording of the sentence. All you have to do isto find a legal loophole. This is not just some stupid answer, if you look at the questionclosely enough, you might get some very useful info, ( Full Answer )

Is the glass full or empty?

Well it depends..if you fill it up and drink it. it will obviously be have empty.. but if you pour soda milk water anything have way. it will be have full.

Is the glass half full or half empty?

The glass is actually full. Full of half air and half water. As for the water content, technically, there is no difference, except as it pertains to the process of filling or emptying, i.e. if it was filled and you drank some, it is half-empty; if it was empty and being filled, it is half-full.

How many glasses of beer in a keg?

It all depends, 1st, what size is the keg? 2nd, Size of glass? 3rd, how many people will be spilling them during the party!

You own a club and cockroaches crawl into the empty beer bottles why?

roaches are attracted to alcohol. in order to eliminate roaches, one method involves leaving a little bit of beer in a bottle standing upright covered by a sock or pantyhose. the roaches will then be able to climb the glass easier. you will find them dead inside the bottle after some time.

How much does an empty beer can weigh?

Not sure . But it's about 12 ounces lighter than a full one.. ANSWER: . lol. Anywhos, There are 28 empty 12 ounce cans in a pound per the recycling station up the road. There are 16 ounces in a pound. Divide 16 by 28 and you get .5714285 ounces per empty can.

Why can you throw a full beer can further than an empty beer can?

Because of it's mass. But if you used the same amount of energy to throw both cans, the full can would not travel as far as the empty one. New Thought: Mass vs wind resistance, yes. But equal energy expended IN THE PRESENCE of an atmosphere will cause differing results dependant on the energy exe ( Full Answer )

Cleaning of beer glasses?

Beer glasses have to be washed carefully after each use with very hot water. Use detergent rather than soap if more than water is needed. Then clean them with baking soda.. Let the glasses air dry in a dish rack. If water droplets cling to the glass or if spots show while drying, then the glass is ( Full Answer )

What is the weight of a 250ml empty glass beaker?

250 grams because water density is the same for ML to GRAMS. No if it was filled with water to 250 ml the water would weigh 250 grams. The beaker would weigh whatever, depending on the thickness of the glass.

How do you make a beer hat out of empty beer case?

sit it upright, main label horizontal to ground, and cut a hole 2 inches in from the right (on the bottom panel) make the hole large enough for your head then stick it inside ( your head) find where your eyes come to on the side panel and cut holes in them. Proceed to get wasted and get belligerant. ( Full Answer )

There is there an empty space in between the molecules of water In a glass of water?

Yes there are empty spaces between molecules of water. Water forms "bonds" between each molecule in the liquid space. I say "bonds" because they are not the covalent bonds or ionic bonds you may be use to. They are hydrogen bonds that form because each end of the water molecule has a certain charge. ( Full Answer )

What phobia is the fear drinking out of glasses?

I know there is a fear of glass, but drinking out of a glass i dont know. The phobias for glass are: Hyelophobia, Hyalophobia, and Nelophobia. Or if its a fear of the glass being contaminated by someone, like germs, it might be mysophobia. Answer Let us make up/discover a word for 'the fear of dri ( Full Answer )

How full is a glass that is half empty?

Half full. If you look at it as just a glass with water in it then that's what it is. If you put meaning into it then the glass will always be completely full. How full do you want your glass?

Why is glass used to store beer or alcohol?

Technically speaking alchohol is stored in plasic too but beer is stored in glass to preserve its taste. Also its colored because certain colors filter light and as you should know if you put beer in a clear bottle the light pretty much eliminates the great taste of beer.. For more info on this sub ( Full Answer )

How many oz is 1 glass of beer?

A draught beer is most commonly served in a 16 oz. pint glass. Beer is also served in a pitcher, generally 32 oz. or more, or in any random size glasses depending on the place in which it is served. A can or bottle of beer is usually a 12 oz. serving.

How many 16oz glasses of beer are in a keg?

In an American Keg there is 100 glasses of beer. In a European Keg there is 84 beers. Both these numbers are half barrels. in a quarter barrel there is 33.

Can you leave a fiber glass pool empty?

I've heard that it's not a good Idea. If the ground water level is high it forces the pool to rise out of the ground like a boat on top of water. Unlike concrete that is heavy. Fiberglass can float. It may not come out of the ground all the way. I suggest that you speak with a pool company and ask t ( Full Answer )

Can you put coffee in a glass beer mug?

If it is a thick glass beer mug and you pour slow yes you can. Those mugs can take extreme temps that's why you can freeze them wet. BE careful!

There is a little water in the glass is it empty?

No. As long as it has something in it other than air, it isn't empty. However, referring to an eight of an inch of water in a glass as empty when asked to pour someone some water is valid.

What causes the fear of glass?

Most fears come from an exaggeration of an actual danger. Glass is breakable, and when it breaks the pieces have extremely sharp edges on which people can easily cut themselves. So glass has its hazards.

Why are there etching in beer glasses?

apparently etching on the base of a beer glass, ie the carling glass which is laser engraved on the base improves the taste! might be a myth! Also there is a CE stamp engraved to state the imperial measurement in the UK which is a legal mark to state the glass holds a pint. http://en.wikipedia ( Full Answer )

How can the fear of glass be cured?

Slam yourself against a picture window as hard as you can. Don't be afraid to give it your all! If it breaks, then you should be afraid. If it doesn't then congradulations! You've conquered your fear!

What can you do with empty glass jars?

Glass jars (with lids) can be used for a variety of purposes, including: . to preserve food (tomatoes; peaches; etc.) . to sort items (nails; screws; buttons; etc.) . to fill with colored sand to create an enclosed "picture" . to catch lightning bugs . to fill with water, a bar of soap, an ( Full Answer )

How many ml of beer in beer glass?

Well it depends. A Shetland is 115mL A pony is 140mL A seven is 200mL A pot or midi is 285mL. A schooner is 425mL A pint is 568mL (512mL in the US) A Stein is 1000mL

Why a cold glass of beer goes flat?

Carbonation of beer is a direct result of the temperature of the beer and the pressure of CO2 it is held under above normal atmospheric pressure of 1 atmosphere (a bastardisation of Boyles law if you want the theory). In the case of a glass of beer, no matter how cold it is kept, it is open to the a ( Full Answer )

Do you see the glass as half full or half empty?

There are three views of this: The optimist sees the glass as half full. The pessimist sees the glass as half empty. The Engineer says: "What you've got there is the wrong sized glass".

What can be made out of an empty beer keg?

You can make a table out of an empty beer keg by getting a square piece of wood to place on top of the keg and super glue it down. Then decorate the table top to spruce it up a bit and put it in your basement bar. Classic car buffs use 'em for gas tanks!

Is there more alcohols in a glass of wine or a glass of beer?

This is dependent on the size of the "glass". The only comparisons that make sense are those dealing with equal and defined measures. On a measure for measure basis, wine has about 3 times the alcohol content of beer. But if the bartender pours a 5 ounce glass of wine (fairly typical) and a 16 oun ( Full Answer )

Why is there no such thing as an empty glass?

Any vessel glass. cup bowl or otherwise MUST contain something if it is only air, there is no specified law that says a glass must hold water, whiskey, wine or any fluid substance. It can hold solids as well.

How many glasses of beer is moderate?

Are we talking personal consumption? Assuming that a "glass" is a pint, or thereabouts, and a person is a regular drinker, and it is spread over an evening, 2-2 1/2 glasses is probably moderate. If a person is a light drinker, or it's not a whole evening, then less. 2-2 1/2 represents 4-5 units of a ( Full Answer )

How much calories in a glass of beer?

there are many different answers to this question.light beer has an average of 100 calories per 12 ounces.a full bodied beer has about 145 per 12 ounces.

How many glasses of beer can you get from a keg of beer?

If you are talking about a full size keg, then it is about 165 12oz beers, or 124 16oz beers. If you are talking about a half keg, then it is about 82 12oz beers, or 62 16oz beers. Obviously there are other sizes, but those are the main ones.

When a empty glass is kept close to ear why you hear sound?

When a seashell is free of its inhabitant, it is simply an empty chamber. Because of this, it is able to amplify and distort the sound of air traveling across its surface in a way filled vessels cannot. The sound that comes from the inside of a shell is the sound of air moving across and within the ( Full Answer )

What kind of glass are beer bottles made from?

Glass bottle manufacturing takes place over several stages. To briefly outline the processes from beginning to end: raw material, melting, forming, annealing, physical inspection, machine & laser inspection, secondary physical inspection, quality control, and finally packing short glass bottle used ( Full Answer )

What are beer glasses used for?

Beer glasses are typically for the use of pouring beer into, and consuming various types of beer. However, beer glasses could potentially be used for any other beverage.

What shape beer glass is best for a lager?

Lager glasses are narrow at the bottom and shape out larger near the top. The reason for this is because like a fine red wine, the beer will aerate and taste better.

What does seeing the glass half empty mean?

The phrase, seeing the glass as half empty, means that a person is taking a pessimistic view, preferring to see what he or she doesn't have rather than what he or she has. If you have, let us say, a 10 ounce glass which contains 5 ounces of grape juice, you can be happy that you have half a glass of ( Full Answer )

How many beers are equal to a glass of wine?

In general, beer has a lower alcohol content, so one 12 ounce glass of beer is approximately equal in alcohol to one 5 ounce glass of wine. These are generalities; some beers are stronger than others, and wines vary considerably as well.