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the person who invented the 1st personal computer was Steve wozniak. he invented the apple computer.

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Did Egyptians invent the first computer?

yes they do have inventet the first computer

Who was the first African American to invent iron?

sarah boone was the first african american to invent , the iron oar

Who was the first African American to invent the helicopter?

An African-American didn't invent the helicopter.

Did Steve Wozniak invent the first computer?

No but he did design first the Apple computer.

Who invent the first laptop computer?


Did the egyptians invent the first computer?


What year was the first computer was invent?


Who invented computer in first?

The first person to invent a computer is Charles Babbage, that is why he is being referred to as the father of computer.

Who invented India's first computer?

Ajit Misra is the first Indian Person who invent the computer.

How invent the first computer?

hwar g akin

Who invent the computer first time?

Ray Holt

Did Manchester university invent the first mainframe computer?


Did Bill Gates invent the first home computer?


Where did Charles Babbage invent the first computer?

Charles Babbage did not invent the first computer he was coming close and had the idea but technology and funding just were not on his side. he is credited with the analytical engine.

Who was the first person to invent computer?

computer was invented by black personcharlessbabaj was the father of computer

When did people invent the laptop invent the laptop?

The Osborne Computer Corporation released their first laptop in 1981.

WHO INVENT First time computer in India?

Rajiv gandhi

Did apple invent the worlds first user friendly computer?


Who were the first men to invent to apple computer?

Really gang?

Did Babbage invent the computer?

Yes Babbage did invent the computer

Where did konrad kuse invent the computer?

His name is Konrad Zuse and he build the "first" computer in 1941.

Did Charles Babbage build the first computer ever made?

no. but he did invent the first general purpose programmable computer invented.

Did Ada Lovelace invent the computer?

Ada Lovelace did not invent the computer. She is, however, considered to be the writer of the first computer program which was written for a mathematical machine called the Difference Engine and she is considered the 'mother of computer programming.'

When did Ada Lovelace invent the computer programmer?

You cannot invent yourself. She is generally considered to be the first computer programmer, but the exercise was ultimately academic as the computer it was written for, the Analytical Engine was never built.

Who was the first to invent the computer?

"pocketful of sunshine... Oh oh ohhh"

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