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Athens, Greece.

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Q: The first artist said to place his figures in a realistic landscape setting came from?
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When did the first said to place his figures in a realistic landscape setting?

The first artist to place his figures in a realistic landscape setting was Masaccio in the early 15th century, specifically with his frescoes in the Brancacci Chapel in Florence. Masaccio's use of perspective and naturalistic elements in his paintings revolutionized the way figures were portrayed in relation to their surroundings.

Who is Jan groenhart?

She is a Dutch landscape artist

Who is Elmer Keene?

Landscape artist WAIT! I know person im showing every one els how bad your answer is but may I ask why is says, "Landscape artist"?

Is landscape an adjective?

It can be an adjective, but it is usually a verb or a noun. When used with another noun as in landscape artist, it is functioning as a noun adjunct. However, when used in another sense, to mean a type of orientation (e.g. landscape view), it can indeed be considered an adjective.

Who is Oscar whirls?

Florida landscape Painter artist

What do you call a person who paints views?

A landscape artist?

Who is watercolor artist with initials JM?

J.M Turner or Joseph Turner. The Artist was a famous landscape artist.

Why is landscape art made?

Landscape art is made because the artist wants to portray their own impression of the world around them. They want to create the feel and atmosphere of the surroundings, but landscape art can be impressionist, realist or surrealist! It depends on the artist, they all have different reasons to do landscape art. Hope it helps, last_glimmer

Which British landscape artist is associated with Dedham Vale?

John Constable is.

What does Kent Dhu mean on a landscape painting?

That is the name of the artist. He was Scottish.

Is there an artist by the name of b chipton?

I have a beautiful Landscape picture signed B Chipton does anyone know the artist? I do not know who posted the above, but, I have a signed landscape by B chipton also. I will post additional questions like does anyone know anything about the artist???

What does a landscape artist do?

He/She makes smaller or bigger changes in the landscape. Sometimes the term is also used about a painter who makes paintings of landscapes.