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The first piano was a harpsichord. Then it was the organ, followed by the clavichord. Later, the piano was invented.

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What year were piano first invented?

The first ever piano was invented by Muah Alesana 2012 years ago.

How was the first piano ever made?

The first piano was made when people developed on the idea of plucking the strings on a board by mixing it with a pipe organ. This resulted in the first piano. A Harpsichord.

How to play the climb on the piano?

well first you need to have a piano second look it up ever heard of it

What family is the harpsichord?

A harpsichord was the first ever piano. Unlike today's piano, all the notes were played at the same volume.

How old was nat from the Naked Brothers Band when he first started playing piano?

Nat from The Naked Brothers Band was 5 years old when he first ever played the piano.

If a woman by the first name of Donna ever played the piano for The Happy Goodman family?


What was the name of the first piano?

The first piano was called the "Piano-Forte".

Who made the first piano ever?

hey..the 1st piano was made by Bartolomeo Cristofori. He got his idea from a harp. i hope i helped u answer your question =] bye :]

What was first made electric piano or piano?

piano obviously- electricity did not come first!

Is the piano ever used in the orchestra?

As the piano is a solo instrument, it is only in the orchestra when a piano concerto is performed. A piano concerto is when the piano is performed, as well as an orchestra.

Did Beyonce ever play the piano?

No she didn't. I Don't think she plays the piano.

How do you put a battery in a casio piano?

well first yo eat it then you kill yourself then at the end you will have a great time playing the piano in heaven if you were not ever bad in your life time .

What was the first keyboard instrument ever?

The hammered dulcimer could be called the first keyboard instrument ever. The dulcimer's origin is uncertain, but tradition holds it was invented in Persia, some 2000 years ago. It was the instrument that was implemented into the piano. And since the keyboard is an electronic piano, the hammered dulcimer it the first keayboard instrument made.

Who invented the first piano?

the first piano was invented by bartolomeo cristofori

Was the first piano made in America?

No, the first piano was made in Italy.

What country was the piano first made?

The piano was first made in Italy.

When did Taylor Swift learn piano?

I don't think she ever learned to play piano.

What piano does Edward Cullen have?

grand piano its the most beautiful thing i have ever seen

Who invented the first electric piano?

The first electric piano was invented in the 1960s.

When was First Piano Quartet created?

First Piano Quartet was created in 1941.

Where does piano first origonated?

The piano originated in Italy.

What was the first type of piano to be made?

a grand piano

Did the name of the piano ever changed?


What was the first piano song ever made?

I think this is not that easily answerable, songs existed before the piano as we know it today, and the piano itself evolved from the monochord, the 'keyed monochord' (or, the 'clavichord') seems to be the first musical instrument that has the same black/white keys as a piano, would the first song on that qualify as your answer? If so, I dont' think it's recorded in books who or which song was 'made' first.

Who was the First US president to have a piano?

George Washington was the first U.S. president to have a piano.

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