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you can tell him, or his girlfriend if you are friends with her

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If that happens, you should question which guy you like more (the one you are with, or the other guy) and decide based on that.

Leave him alone, if hes single then go for him.

Hi! Im quite taken by you. are you interested in going out with me tommorrow?

You should find someone that you think is a good match for you and that is not taken.

it means you should wait until he's free and ask him out :)

No but in one of the family guy episodes Peters channel, PTV, Got taken off air by them

Yes, we do... Stop doubting us! Some people just have a phobia about having their picture taken.

don't act like a m8 (or act tomboyish- unless you are then just be yourself), my god i shoulda taken my own advice.

Well to be honest you have to work on your p's and q' get you too like someone is very frustrating and it requires a lot of patience... dont stalk the guy or force him to like you but just try to show him the ways that you can love him and show respect

He is probably trying to show you he is taken without hurting your feelings. Try to move on , you deserve a guy who wants you and who doesn't have a girlfriend.

if the guy is teasing you about a guy you like he is probably showing a sign of jealousy that you don't like him so this guy might like you

No. Because you're too superficial to taken seriously. You should wait until you're more mature to like anybody.

find out you like a guy

if he knows you are taken he should respect that and not try to hit on you and you should remain faithfull to your partner and tell the other guy to back off

It's natural to like someone else, however, you should be respectful of the relationship and keep your feelings to yourself. There are so many people on this planet to choose from without having to get involved with someone who is already "taken"

do you mean how do GUYS tease their mates if they like a guy? As in, try to get the guy they like to know they like them? Or make fun of them because they like a guy? be specific.

If he tries to change the subject when you talk about dat guy you like, or gets mad or If he compares himself to the guy you like and acts weird when the guy you like is around you.

leave him alone he might be happy

the best time to tell a guy you like them.... AS SOON AS POSSIBLE... until they are taken and you are left with nothinggg <3333

It depends on how mcuh your relationship is worth do you really like the guy your with or do you like the other guy

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