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The head and trunk of a persons body is the main area of the body. The trunk of the body is also called the torso.

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What region of the body does the head the neck and trunk belong to?

There are 3 regions of the body: Appendicular, Trunk, and Head and Neck Therefore the head and neck is actually its own section.

What is a human trunk?

The human trunk is the body minus the head and neck and all limbs.

What are body parts of a frog?

External body parts are head , trunk and limbs .

What part of the body is connecting to the head and the trunk?

The head bone's connected to the neck bone...

What are necks?

The part of the body joining the head to the shoulders or trunk.

How many body parts does a koala have?

he head trunk and legs

What section of the body contains the head and neck and trunk?


What is the name for all of the body except the head and limbs?

The "trunk"

What does the term trunk mean in anatomy?

In anatomy, the trunk is the part of the body excluding the arms, legs, and head.

What is meant by the trunk of the human body?

The trunk is considered everything but the neck, head, arms, and legs. Torso is another word for trunk.buttt

What are the divisions of the human body?

Head, neck, torso, arms, and legs.

What are the 3 main body regions of a fish?

Head trunk tail

What are the components of the axial subdivisions of the body?

Head,neck, torso or trunk

What are the fundamental positions of your trunk and head?

the fundamental positions are: 1. head & trunk bending 2. head & trunk wasting 3. head & trunk crustling

4 main parts of the human body?

head, arms, trunk, and legs- is that what you mean?

Where is the torso?

The torso is the body not including the head, arms, and legs. It is also called the "trunk".

What kind of body cavity do frogs have?

Two(2) that is 1. Head and 2. Trunk

A frog's body shape?

Have smooth skin and streamlined head and trunk support efficient swimming.

Trunk of the body?

the trunk of your body is the upper and lower abdomen

What are the 3 parts of the body called on an inscet?

the 3 parts of an ant are called head,trunk and metosoma.

What are the four division of a human body?

the head, the trunk or torso, lower extremities [legs and feet] and upper extremities [arms and hands]. the head, the trunk or torso, lower extremities [legs and feet] and upper extremities [arms and hands].

Why do ants have 3 body parts?

Ants have three body parts the head, trunk and metasoma. This three division body is because it is a member of the insect animal family.

What forms the trunk of the body?

it's the top part of the body. excluding head, neck and arms. so it's the part of the body from below the neck down to the waist.

What is the scientific name for your neck?

The medical name for the neck is disambiguation. The neck is what distinguishes the head from the trunk of the human body.

Four divisions of the human body?

a) Head b)Trunk c)Upper extremities d)lower extremities

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