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the answer is gas drillier

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Q: The huntly power station uses gas and to produce electricity?
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What does huntly power station uses to produce electricity?

coal and gas

The huntly power station uses gas and what to produce electricity?

coala and cococachu coala and cococachu

Name of the power station in Huntly?

The name is "Huntly Power Station".

Huntly power station uses gas and?

The Huntly power station uses coal and gas. The Huntly power station has three plants. It was originally commissioned in 1982.

What does the huntly power station use to make electricity?

It's Gas and Coal that produces the electricity for Plug-in Items.

What is a power station for?

To produce electricity

Where does the coal come from for huntly power station?

does it come from the Huntly coal fields, or is it imported from overseas.

What was the original Function of Battersea Power Station?

To produce electricity

What is used in Singapore's power station to produce electricity?


The huntly power station uses gas and to produce electrcity?

It used to use coal. I don't think it has been converted to gas powered but not sure on that.

Do geothermal power stations make pollution?

No. Construction equipment used to build the station will burn fossil fuels and produce some pollution. When the station is complete it will produce pollution free electricity. The station will require some electric power from the grid to operate, and some of that electricity may be produced by coal powered plants which do produce pollution, but the geothermal power station will not produce pollution.

Where can you get biomass locally?

Biomass is any vegetation that will burn to produce electricity in a power station.

How is the power-station the same as a wind powered turbine?

They both produce electricity

How coal is used in a power station?

The coal in a power station is used to heat water. The steam from the water is used to turn turbines that produce electricity.

How Fire can produce electricity?

As in a coal power station? Water is heated by the fire, makes steam, turns turbines- electricity.

How much electricity does a nuclear power station produce?

The latest design PWR's produce about 1500 MWe per unit.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a nuclear power station to produce electricity?

it costs alot - disadvantage!

What is the Huntly power station powered by?

The Huntly Power Station has three plants. One can use coal and gas and produces 1000 MW. The second can also us coal and gas and produces 50 MW. The third is a combined cycle gas plant and produces 385 MW.

What is a nuclear powerstation?

A nuclear power plant is a thermal power station. The heat source is nuclear reactor. Its main point is to produce electricity.

What does a power station do?

A power station generates electricity by using electromagnet induction

What does a hydroelectric power station look like?

Typically, hydroelectric power station appears to be a dam holding back a reservoir of water. Inside are turbines that turn the water to steam to produce electricity.

What is the difference between a nuclear power station and coal fired power station?

The difference is in the name; nuclear power plants produce electricity via a nuclear reaction producing head to turn a turbine, whereas coal fired power plants burn coal to produce the same efffect.

What is an electricity-generating station called?

A power station

How much electricity does a coal power station supply?

it depends on how big the power station is

Do you have to burn biomass to produce electricity?

Yes. Biomass is usually vegetation or trash. It is burnt in an ordinary power station to generate electricity, but without contributing to global warming.