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less than the incidence of the risk of death

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Q: The incidence of the risk of total and permanent disability during the years of active employment is?
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Permanent Active Militia ended in 1940.

When was Permanent Active Militia created?

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What military disability rating do you get for low back pain?

First of all, if you are still on active duty, you do not get disability. Disability is compensation because you cannot earn a living. You earn a living while on active duty. Therefore, the military does not give you disability rating. It is the VA's responsibility to determine your service related injuries once you separate or retire from active duty.

Is permanent plans inc still active?

yes there are

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If you were diagnosed with MS on Nov 9 2007 and you have been on disability since and your employer has terminated you can you still collect disability?

If you had active coverage under your group short-term disability or long-term disability plan on November 9, 2007, then you may be eligible for benefits. You will have to find out what insurance company handled your disability benefits during that period of time, and then follow-up with them. Whether you are actually eligible for benefits will depend on the contract your employer had/has with this insurance company. Some contracts have late filing penalties, some have clauses regarding termination of employment, etc. Long story short - call that insurance company. You may be eligible for disability benefits.

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How do you do Retirement?

That is the correct spelling of "retirement" - cessation of active employment or work.