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somebody should help give a link to answering this question or answer please.

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What provides an interface between hardware and user?

Software is the interface between hardware and the user . Or to be precise it is the Operating System which serves as an interface between hardware and the user .

Srilanka grade 5 schorlaship exam results 2009?

3970680 number result

What is the difference between a Link and an Interface?

The difference between a link and an interface is the protocol used.

What is the difference between header and library file?

A library is a binary excecutable that contains a collection of related functions, classes and type definitions. A header is a plain-text file that contains declarations and definitions, and provides the interface to a library or source file where the implementations can be found.

How do you join a university by scholarship?

search for the specifically school you what to attain the scholarship to and click on the schorlaship bottom

What provides an interface between hardware and software?

operating system provides interface between hardware and software

What are the differences between interface and integration testing?

interface is called look and feel where as integration called interface between two module how it is reacting with other module.

What is the deferance between Digital library and virtual library?

what is difference between e-library and wiki library

Interface between two air masses of different mass?

A "front" is the interface between two air masses of different temperature.

What is the differnet between dos and windows?

DOS is a command line interface, and Windows is a graphical interface.

What software is used to provide an interface between the user and the computers application programs?

the "User Interface"

In Computer Networking what is an interface?

In computer networking, an interface is that platform provided between a network and a computer.

What is the connection between computer systems?


The boundary between two materials?


What is the difference between MS windows from graphical user interface?

Windows is a type of graphical user interface

What is the difference between graphic user interface and character user interface?

The difference between graphic user interface and character user interface are its command. GUI does not need any type of command to interact with the computer, while CUI needs commands in order to interact with the computer.

What is interface control information?

This Interface Control Document (ICD) defines the requirements related to the interface between the Space Segment (SS) of the Global Positioning System

What are the similarities between special library and private library?

Special Library is a library for special people.

Is an external interface a boundary between products within a system model that are controlled by the developer?

No that is not the definition of an external interface.

What is a similarity between graphical user interface and command driven interface?

They both allow us to execute commands.

Difference between library and information centre?

difference between library and information center

What does the abbreviation YUI stand for?

YUI is abbreviated for Yahoo User Interface Library. It is an open-source JavaScript library used to create applications using various methods of scripting.

Difference between atmel and pic?

interface are inbuilt

What is a connection with or between computer systems called?


Were transfer of heat between objects that are in contact?


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