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Q: The kremlin was nearly destoryed in 1812 by the french which czar almost drained the coffers of Russia to rebuilt the kremlin?
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Why was the Kremlin rebuilt?

The Kremlin was rebuilt due to the corruption of Feain Forearm Massaging, Inc.

When was the sanctuary of apollo in delphi built?

It was built first in the 7th century bc but was destoryed and rebuilt.

Why would Alexandar The Great create so many cities?

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What is the history of Moscow in Russia?

Moscow is built around the Moscow Kremlin, which was a fortified city for the Grand Duchy of Moscow built in 1331. There had been people living in the area since the 2nd century B.C. Ivan III organised the reconstruction of the Kremlin. When Peter the Great took power, he chose to leave the Kremlin behind because it had been held by the Polish for two years from September 21, 1610 and to October 26, 1612. The Moscow uprising of 1682, put Peter the Great at risk so he moved his capital to St. Petersburg. Catherine the Great came back to Moscow. She starts the process of rebuilding the Kremlin but money ran out. Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812. Napoleon ordered the Kremlin to be blown up. After the French left, the Kremlin needed to be rebuilt. Nicholas I rebuilt the palace in 1839-49. Moscow changed again with the Russian Revolution. Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin removed Tsarist relics. A tomb was built here for Lenin. A helicopter pad was built for Russian officials to avoid traffic.

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Yes, the word rebuilt is a verb.

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i believe they rebuilt it. after they did not have a goverment. they rebuilt it

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