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The last page of The Outsiders WAS written by S.E.Hinton, and it was pg. 180.

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Why didn't randy want to fight in the rumbleThe Outsiders SEHinton US?

He thinks fightings no good and it wouldn't change anything.

What page is the theme to The Outsiders on?

I read the outsiders last year, and even though i thought it was a good book, theme is not something you read on a page, its something you infer

What page is hue on in The Outsiders?

what page is the word hue in the book outsiders

What is an example of an alliteration in The Outsiders?

blue, blazing ice. page 10 last paragraph

What was Johnny's last name in The Outsiders?

Johnny's last name in the outsiders was Cade

What page is jet on in The Outsiders?

On the first page, the reader of The Outsiders is introduced to the jet set. The term is used to differentiate the Socials from the Greasers in the book.

Who joins the rumble at the last minute from The Outsiders?

It is Dally who joined the rumble at the last minute from the outsiders

What page is the word fuzz on in the outsiders?

Fuzz is on page 61 located on the bottom of the page :D

What page does the rumble happen in The Outsiders?

it starts talking about it on page 138 but it starts on page 142

What page is divert on in outsiders book?

go find what what page its on lazy person

What page is apparent on in the outsiders?

The form of apparent being apparently, is on page 87.

What page in the book The Outsiders tell the setting?

There is no page in "The Outsiders" that tells the setting. You have to infer. I happen to know that the book was placed in the 1960's in Luisiana, though.

How did the curtises die in The Outsiders book on what page?

There are no such thing as "The Curtsies" in the book "The Outsiders" Greasers v Socs

What was bobs last name from outsiders?

In The Outsiders, Bob's last name is Sheldon. His real name is Robert Sheldon.

Where was sehinton born?

July 22,1948 in Tulsa Oklahoma

On what page do you learn about the rumble in The Outsiders?

you find out about the rumble on page 83 of the outsiders book with the blue cover. Dally. Pony and Johnny are at Dairy Queen when Dally tells them about the rumble.

What page is imporingly on in the outsiders?

Page 72. I was looking up this for my homework and this popped up. How interesting.

In the chapter 1 of the outsiders what page is quiver on?

page 8 but I don't know if it's in page 8 for your book...it is for mine...

In the book the outsiders in chapter you what page is madras in?

Chapter 1, page 5 is where you can find the word Madras.

In the Outsiders what is Marcia's last name?

In The Outsiders, no last name was ever mentioned for the character of Marcia. The actress who portrayed Marcia was Michelle Meyrink.

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