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Length is 3/4 of 36 ie 27 ft, width is 9 ft


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width*height*length=perimeter of a rectangular prism! :)

the perimeter of a rectangular rug is 40 ft. the length is 2 ft longer than the width. find the dimensions

The dimensions of a rectangular plot are its length and width.

Twice the (width plus length)

A rectangle has two dimensions - length and width. Only if both dimensions are doubled, then the perimeter will be doubled.

Perimeter = 2 x (length+width). You add the length to the width and multiply the sum by two.

Doubling the width of a rectangular rug will affect the perimeter because the total length and width will be doubled. The area will be twice the length times the width.

a rectangle has a perimeter of 72m. If the length is 20 m longer than the width find its dimensions?

To know the perimeter, you must know the dimensions (length and width). But there are many possible dimensions if you have 24 square feet.

You can't tell the dimensions from the perimeter. There are an infinite number of rectangles, with different dimensions, that all have the same perimeter. If it's 168, then the only thing you can be sure of is that the length and width add up to 84, but you can't tell what either of those dimensions must be.

2 times the length plus 2 times the height

the length of a rectangular garden is 2 feet longer than 3 times it's width .if the perimeter of the garden is 100 feet find the width and length of the garden

the three dimensions needed to find the area of a rectangular solid object are: Height, Length and Width.

If the perimeter is 84 feet and the length is twice the width, then the length will be 28 feet and the width will be 14 feet.

The perimeter of a rectangle (proper name of the shape) is just the length of all the sides added together.

The perimeter of a standard- sized rectangular rug is 94 ft. the length is 3 ft more than the width. Find the length and the width.

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