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NSW Premier Bob Carr

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Q: The longest serving premier in NSW?
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Who was victorias longest serving premier?

Henry Bolte was Victoria's longest serving Premier.

Who is the longest serving footballer?

Ryan Giggs in the Premier League

Who is the longest serving football team in the premier league?


When was NSW Premier League created?

NSW Premier League was created in 2001.

Who has been south Australia's longest serving premier?

Sir Thomas Playford.

Who is the longest serving English football premiership manager?

The longest serving manager in the English premier league is Sir Alex Ferguson. Next is Arsene Wenger. But the longest serving ENGLISH manager in the premier league is Steve Bruce, who ranks third overall. ref.

Longest serving premier managers at one club?

alex ferguson arsene wenger david moyes

Who is premier of NSW 2009?

Nathan Rees was premier of NSW until 4 December 2009, until Kristina Keneally took over.

What is the role of the premier of New South Wales?

The premier is the leader of the government in NSW.

Who is the deputy premier of nsw state government?

Tebbutt CaremelI am the Deputy Premier

Who was the first premier of nsw?

barry ofarrel

Who is oldest premier league manager after alex Ferguson?

I don't know what you mean by oldest, if you mean age or the longest. Longest serving manager is Arsene Wenger, the oldest is the same.