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Q: Who is the deputy premier of nsw state government?
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Who are the state government?

The state government is the premier of each government and in NSW our premier is Nathan Rees and he looks after the state government.

Who governed the stated?

Either a King, a Tyrant, an Oligarchic Council, or, in a democracy, the male citizens in assembly.

Who is NSW's president?

New South Wales does not have a president. It is a state in Australia and as such is under the federal Government. The leader of New South Wales is the Premier, and as of late 2009, the Premier of NSW is Kristina Keneally.

What is the role of the premier of New South Wales?

The premier is the leader of the government in NSW.

The longest serving premier in NSW?

NSW Premier Bob Carr

When was NSW Premier League created?

NSW Premier League was created in 2001.

What type of government heads nsw?

State Government

Who is the leader of NSW?

In a state election held on 26 March 2011, Barry O'Farrell, of the Liberal Party of Australia, was elected Premier of NSW.

Who is the opposition leader for Nsw?

The current (2011) Federal Opposition leader in Australia is Tony Abbott. Abbott became the Federal Opposition leader on 1 December 2009. In parliamentary democracies the leader of the opposition is the leader of the largest parliamentary party not in the government. Their job is to shadow the Prime Minister or Premier and hold the government to account.

Queensland is the sunshine state - what is NSW known as?

New South Wales is often referred to as the "First State". It was previously known as the Premier State.

Who is premier of NSW 2009?

Nathan Rees was premier of NSW until 4 December 2009, until Kristina Keneally took over.

Who was the first premier of nsw?

barry ofarrel