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Nirvana-end of suffering

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Japans Main Belief Is Buddhism And Shinto

Reincarnation is the main belief.

The main one is the belief in re-incarnation.

Buddhism was created as an alternative to the dominant Hinduism at the time. It's main creation belief was to help solve the world's problems by living frugally.

The major belief (or teachings) of Buddhism is the Four Noble Truths. The major practice of Buddhism is the Five Noble Precepts.

The real belief of Buddhism is the non violence and untrusted in god. B. N. Sahani

The main Indian religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism are linked by a belief in karma.

The central belief of Buddhism is the belief that following Buddhist practices (specifically, the Noble Eightfold Path) is able to undermine dissatisfaction (suffering, dukkha). .

One Buddhism belief is reincarnation. Buddhists believe that people are reborn after they die. They also believe in equality for all.

the main princibles of Buddhism was Buddha.

Buddhism. In Japan, it's Zen Buddhism although it's still Buddhism.

Buddhism, shintoism, Christianity, confucism, and that's all i can remember Shinto which in basic terms is belief in harmony with nature

because the founder of buddhism Siddhartha Gautama thought it was cruel

There is no God or even God-concept in Buddhism. At least in Zen Buddhism, there is nothing whatsoever supernatural. The purpose of practicing Buddhism is to reduce suffering. At best, from a Buddhist perspective, belief in god is irrelevant to that purpose; at worst, it is a delusion. .

Buddhism in its true form is a philosophy, not a religion. Although this is true, as Buddhism spread throughout Asia, it was integrated in many places with the local religions. For example, Buddhism in Japan combines the original Buddhist principles with ancestral worship and a belief in spirit gods that embody aspects of nature.

Hinduism and Buddhism believe in Nirvana.

a belief that was mainly found in india

Buddhism does not believe in a Supreme Creator.

This isn't a root, but it does mean belief. The suffix -ism means belief as in Buddhism.

Both Hinduism and Buddhism have a firm belief in Reincarnation (punarjanma). Also they have similar goals to attain Nirvana (Liberation) from this world.

The Caste system for social classes was the way of life back in the day. Mostly Hinduism,Sikhism, and Buddhism

You must be thinking of the hindu faith. Buddhism isnt really a religion, its a belief system.

Buddhism is a religion, with rituals and beliefs based of faith (particularly the belief in reincarnation). Atheism isn't a religion, it is simply the absence of belief in gods.

Budha founder of BuddhismIf you're referring to Buddhism then it is the Buddah :)

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