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The main reason that the superpowers advoided nuclear war during the cold war?


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They didn't want to blow everything up?

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Because the United states and the Soviet union both World superpowers had nuclear weapons But they both know that even one nuke going off could set off a full scale nuclear war. so they stayed in a stalemate for decades . That's why they were scared

Many countries wanted to avoid falling under the influence of the global superpowers

No. Whether or not we should have used the nuclear weapons during WWII is one debate, but there is no reason for us to attack Japan now in any way. We are close allies.

The same reason as the other countries that have nuclear power plans. Firstly to show off power. The other reason : Fear. Not even for energy generation, nuclear capability is justified due to the high risk that nuclear power plants represent.

The main reason why people are hesitant to use nuclear energy is because they are worried about safety. Since the 1986 Chernobyl incident there have been another 22 major nuclear power accidents.

The reason for dropping a nuclear weapon over Nagasaki was the fact that the Japanese did not surrendered after the first nuclear weapon dropped over Hiroshima. Japan should have surrendered after the Tokyo bombing campaign but they did not.

Both countries felt that they were safe from attack if they were powerful enough to destroy the other.

its too much disadvantage all world destruction through its reason i hate nuclear weapons

The USA uses the most nuclear energy. There is the highest number of Nuclear Power Plants in the world. The reason is simple: USA needs energy and the easiest way to get it is building nuclear power plants.

Both countries felt that they were safe from attack if they were powerful enough to destroy each other.

The reason that Cuba annoys us is because they were in real good terms with the Soviet Union during the Cold war. They were supplied with nuclear weapons and were ready to use them on the U.S.

There was no reason as it was never dropped in world war one. The nuclear era was achieved in august 6, 1945 with the first nuclear bomb dropped over Hiroshima. There was also another dropped over Nagasaki on august 9, 1945.

Because the US had them, isn't that enough reason?

To prevent it from happening. Seriously, that was the reason.

No it does not, reason being prokaryotes do not contain a nucleus.

Solar and wind technologies are location specific

The communist superpowers supported the north with war material. The US supported the south with men & material. Reason: Cold War.

I don't understand what you mean. The US alone has over 100 nuclear reactors with more now on order

Nuclear power isn't a solution it is just another method of producing energy, the reason it is not a solution is because it has a big disadvantage which is the disposal of nuclear waste. On the other hand more countries are building nuclear power plants because of the amount of energy that you get out of a nuclear power plant and the length of time the fuel will last in a nuclear reactor.

There are zero nuclear reactors in Alaska. Alaska and Hawaii both contain zero nuclear reactors. The reason being for Alaska is their abundance of natural resources for gas and their low population density.

I see no reason that Iran couldn't do it, they have had longer than the typically required 4 years of nuclear infrastructure building time.

Let's face it- there is no real reason why they can't. If the US can have nuclear weapons, anyone can because they are the only ones who have been irresponsible enough to use them.

95 percent of it can be reprocessed (reused) but reprocessing is currently illegal for some reason.

Driving over the curb during your driving test is a reason for disqualification

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