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The meaning of dragon?

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The term Dragon is a name given to Satan.

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What is the meaning of the dragon in American culture?

The meaning of the dragon in American culture is power and danger. The dragon breathes fire and is vanquished by the hero.

Why is a dragon called a dragon?

The word dragon comes from the Greek word δέρκομαιmeaning "I see clearly".

What are some girl names meaning dragon?

Dracen which means Dragon Kaida which means Little Dragon And Ryuu which means Dragon.

What is the meaning of dragon in China?


What is the meaning of the dragon shield?

it is a shield

What is a good Japanese last name for Ryuu?

Well since Ryuu translates directly to dragon, here are a few last names that would emphasize this name. Haruki Pronunciation - Hah-ROO-Kee Meaning - "Shining brightly" Therefore - "Brightly shining dragon" Hide Pronunciation - HEE-day Meaning - "Excellent" Therefore - "Dragon of Excellence" or "Excellent Dragon" Hoshi Pronunciation - Hoe-SHE Meaning - "Star" Therefore - "Star Dragon" Kagami Pronunciation - Kah-GAH-me Meaning - "Mirror" Therefore - "Mirror Dragon" Kana Pronunciation - KAH-nah Meaning - "Powerful" Therefore - "Powerful Dragon" Keitaro Pronunciation - KAY-tar-OH Meaning - "Blessing" Therefore - "Dragon's Blessing" Kin Pronunciation - KIN Meaning - "Golden" Therefore - "Golden Dragon" Toshi Pronunciation - TOE-she Meaning - "Mirror Image" Therefore - "Reflection of the Dragon"

What is the meaning of the Chinese zodiac dragon?


What is the meaning of komodo dragon in Tamil?


What is the meaning of a dragon wrapped around a skull tattoo?

There is no specific meaning for a dragon wrap ed around a scull. There are some meaning for them individually such as for a scull power over death, feelings of death or morning .The dragon can symbolize power strength ,or even luck. The meaning of a tattoo is generally determined by the wearer them self.

What is the meaning of drake?

drake means dragon and duck

What is the German word meaning soul of the dragon?


What does a dragon symbolize is the same question as What is the meaning of the dragon in Japanese culture?

It means good health and protection.

What are good names for a dragon?

Ryuu - meaning Dragon spirit Chazor - bringer of ashes Shadow- self explanatory

What is the meaning of a dragon?

The extreme danger of unregulated power and knowledge.

Meaning of the name Bruce?

dragon like bruce lee

What is the Japanese word meaning dragon?

竜 - Ryuu or, 龍 - Tatsu

What is the meaning of ketan?

Ketan is a boy name it means the tail of a dragon

What is the Japanese word meaning orange dragon?

Orenji-shoku no ryū

What is the origin for the word cameleon?

From a Greek word Khamaileon derived from Khamai (meaning on the ground or dwarf)) and Leon (meaning dragon)

What was the meaning of the dragon in Wicked the play?

The dragon on the proscenium edge is the time dragon clock. It originated from the book and was the main point of it as well. The play never tells the story about it but is referred to several times.

What is the Japanese word meaning bone dragon?

骨龍 Hone ryū

What is the meaning of the jade dragon?

The jade dragon is used to remind people of the balance and the beauty of being human. They can also be used as a reminder to be modest and courageous.

How does the meaning of a Japanese dragon tattoo change on a woman from a man?

I think it mean protection

What does the greek word Draco mean?

Draco comes from a Latin word meaning dragon.

What is the origin of the word dragon?

There is a Latin word 'Draco' and a Greek word 'Drakon' both meaning a serpent. Both words were adopted into Old French as 'dragon' and this word passed into English, In a Biblical sense 'dragon' was used to describe a large snake or crocodile. Satan was also known as The Dragon. Another meaning that has evolved is 'the one with the deadly glance' probably linked to the 'snake' explanation.

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