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The meaning of the word helpful?

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Another word is cooperative or obliging

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What word beginning with b means helpful?

A b word meaning helpful is beneficial.

Meaning of Hindi word monica?


Which is most helpful to find antonyms for a word?

An antonym is a word that is opposite in meaning to another. A thesaurus is the most helpful tool for finding antonyms for a word.

Use the word elucidate in a sentence?

The spectacular and helpful answer clearly elucidated the meaning of the word.

What is the meaning of the root word roga?

The meaning of the root word roga is "To ask for and beg". Helpful eh? This is coming from a kid. -(o.0)-

A word with the root word chrono?

This are time meaning words..... Hope they are helpful. Chronological,Chronometer,Arhronoisms

What is helpful?

Anything that will benefit someone can be considered helpful. Not only for you and me, but also for others. (The word helpful is an adjective, meaning providing help. The adverb form is helpfully.)

What is the meaning of Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word. Word is a program to type text. Such as make flyers (paint helps with that too) and notices. It is very helpful!

What is the root word of eponym?

the root word is Nym meaning name not sure if there is another root word in it though i am trying to find myself :) hope this was helpful!!

Word meaning of the word Septer?

go online to these websites i find them very helpful Word Hippo Mirriam Webster Dictionary.reference True Knoledge

Is helpful a noun?

No, the word "helpful" is an adjective, a word that describes a noun.The noun form of the adjective 'helpful' is helpfulness.The word 'helpful' is the adjective form of the noun help.

Where did the word hippopotamus come from?

Hippopotamus comes from the greek word "hippo" meaning horse. The greeks called hippopotamus' water horses. Hope this answer was helpful

What Does The Greek Word Cratos Mean?

Power - that's were we get the word 'democracy'; demos (meaning people) + cratos = power of the people. Hope that's helpful.

Is helpful an adverb?

No. Helpful is an adjective, and the adverb form is helpfully.

What is the meaning of Moiz?


What is the opposite of the word helpful?

Unhelpful or not helpful.

What is the derivative of ancilla in latin?

The Latin word ancilla, meaning slave-girl, has come into the English language as ancillary, meaning helpful.I hope this response is ancillary enough for you.

What is the meaning of the word 'accommodating'?

"Cooperative" is a meaning of the word "accommodating".Specifically, the word generally functions as an adjective or a verb form. As an adjective, it means that someone or something is cooperative, helpful, obliging. As a verb, it relates to the act of cooperating, helping, obliging.

What is the meaning of the root word?

The root word is pretty much where the extended word ou are talking about comes from. For example: knowledge -> know loving -> love helpful -> help believable -> believe

What is the meaning of the word GUI?

Gui means graphical user interface. It is a well known word in the computer world. It is a helpful word to know if you ever come across it when working with computers.

What does the word resepi translate to in English?

The word resepi translated from Malay to English as the word recipes. There are many easy and tasty Malaysian recipes to be found online so knowing the meaning of this word is helpful.

Is helpful verb?

The word helpful is not a verb; it is an adjective. The word help would be a verb.

What is the comparative and superlative form of the word helpful?

more helpful, most helpful

What is greek word for helpful?

helpful = "chrisimos" = ΧΡΗΣΙΜΟΣ

What is true of symbolic language in a story?

To understand the symbolic meaning of figurative language, one has to first understand the literal meaning. It is often helpful to break down phrases into their word-meanings first, then combine the word-meanings to understand the symbolic meaning in the figurative language.

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