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Q: The motion of something moving quickly back and forth creates?
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Physics what is the difference between moving and not moving?

Moving is when something is in motion and it remains in motion until an immovable force stops it. On the other hand when something is still then it is considered as not moving.

What is state of motion?

It means that something is moving.

In graphing motion steepness of the slope depends on?

how quickly or slowly the object is moving

What does emotion and promotion have to do with motion?

I don't know what emotion has to do with motion, but promotion has to do with motion because you are moving (motion) forward (pro) in something if you get a promotion

Which mechanical motion creates a back and forth or up and down mechanical motion which could hit or trap you between a moving part and a stationary object?

Reciprocating motion

What is it called when you are fooled into thinking something is moving when its not?

Apperant motion

Name something in motion that you can't see moving?

Air (wind) unless there is a tree moving

How do you walk without moving on clubpenguin?

A person can walk without moving by clicking their mouse on the Club Penguin server. This actually creates a waddling motion for the character.

How does the motion of the molecules change evaporation?

They go from moving around slightly, to moving around quickly and separating from one another. This is causes by evaporation.

Does the steepness of motion graphs slope depend on how quickly or slowly the object is moving?

No, it depends on radial acceleration.

How is motion different from speed?

Motion is when an object changes its direction. Speed is how fast something is moving. Hope that helps!!

How are speed and weight related?

The heavier something is, the harder it is to get it moving quickly.