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The correct answer is Gorgon. Medusa was just turned into one.

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What is 'jellyfish' in Italian?

Medusa is the Italian equivalent of 'jellyfish'. It's a feminine gender noun. It has the same name as the Greek mythological creature whose look turned mortals to stone.

Who turned anything into stone if they looked at this monster?

You're thinking of the mythical 'creature' called Medusa. She had the body of a serpent, and snakes for hair. Her gaze turned people to stone. She was featured in the story of Clash of the Titans.

Who was the goddess from Egypt that turned people into stone?

I don't know of any Egyptian goddess who turned people to stone, but the Greek Medusa was a monster so hideous any living creature that looked at her would turn to stone. In some versions of the myth she is a daughter of the gods and sister to the Gordons. In others she was a beautiful young mortal who was so vain that she insulted Athena who turned her into a monster.

What volcano turned people to stone?

An ancient volcano named Mt. Vesuvius near Pompeii turned people into stone.

What greek God turns people to stone?

The greek monster medusa turned people to stone.

People turned into stone Greek mythology?

Niobe, turned to stone by Apollo and Artemis. Atlas ind Phineus by Perseus brandishing Medusa's head.

How do people recognize medusa?

Athena had cursed her with snakes for hair. With her gaze she turned people to stone.

How many people did medusa turn to stone?

The story of Medusa is a myth, entirely fantasy. There is no record of how many people were turned to stone. Which, in this context, is impossible.

What happened to you if you looked at medusa?

You are turned to stone.Anyone who looked at Medusa was turned to stone.

What is someone or something turned to stone called?

Someone or something turned to stone is petrified.

Stone exterior turned green?

If your stone turned green it probably has moss growing on it.

What is all about the poverty of a woman who turned herself into a stone?

how will you tackle the situation of being one of the oppressed and deprived people of society if you where the women in the poem "THE POVERTY OF A WOMEN WHO TURNED HERSELF INTO STONE"

Was Poseidon turned to stone?

No Poseidon was never turned to stone. If he was Medusa would have caused it, but she never made Poseidon turn to stone.

How are people affected during and after volcanoes?

during a volcano they will get turned to stone and after they will loose everything they had:)

When medusa died did all the people she turned into stone turn back normal?

No, they stayed stone. Even after her own death her gaze had the power to turn people to stone and her head was used as a weapon by Perseus.

What happened after the war between Athena and Poseidon?

Medusa was seduced by Poseidon while in Athena's temple. Athena was enraged by this and took all her anger out on the beautiful Medusa. She turned Medusa into a hideous creature whose stare turned anything the stone.

Where does the phrase 'if looks could kill' originate from?

According to Wiktionary, one of the possible origins of this phrase dates back to the legend of Medusa, who was the mythological being who could turn any creature or being into stone by just looking them in the eye.

Who is mediza?

Medusa is part of Greek mythology. Her gaze turned people to stone. Her her was writihing snakes.

How they got the name Medusa cement company?

medusa turned people into stone so yeah...

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