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Q: The name city slicker give the baby calf?
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What is the name for baby walrus?

give birth to a calf.

Can you give a calf baby forumal?

No, absolutely not. A calf should be given milk formula designed for calves and calves ONLY, not for human babies. You could kill a calf if you give it baby formula because it lacks certain nutrients that calves need that human babies don't need or need less of than a calf does.

What is a small cows name?

A calf is a baby cow and a holstein cow is a cow that has not had a baby yet and can not give milk.

What is an elephant baby is called?

A baby elephant is called a calf, like a baby cowA calf.A young elephant is called a calf.Elephants are considered social animals and normally give birth after a gestation period of 12 months. The young one of an elephant is called a calf.

How do dophin have baby?

Dolphins are classified under mammalia, therefore they give birth to live young. A baby dolphin is called a calf.

What to give a sick baby calf that suddenly stop eating?

Please check with your local large animal veterinarian for details on what's best to give the calf. You didn't give enough symptoms or details of the calf's condition to get any relevant answers, since there are over a 100 things than can make a calf suddenly stop eating and make it sick.

How many baby does a dolphin has?

Dolphins usually give birth to one calf per pregnancy. Although, occasionally they will give birth to multiple offspring.

How many babies does a blue whale have at birth?

Blue whales only give birth to one baby (calf) at a time.

How do you get a baby calf?

From an auction mart or from a dairy farm that are selling calves, or from a cow that is pregnant and is nearly ready to give birth.

What can give a newborn calf instead Colostrum?

NOTHING can or should replace Colostrum when feeding a newborn calf. You MUST feed a new baby calf colostrum within 24 hours after it is born. There is nothing man-made or similar than can replace colostrum.

Does dolphin give birth to young or eggs?

Dolphins are mammals, so they give birth to a live baby dolphin. A mother dolphin gives birth in the water, and her baby is called a "calf." It takes about twelve months for it to be born.

How many babies beluga whale have?

They usually only have one calf, twins can occur but are very rare.