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The name of a cartoon character that begins with letter m?


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  • Mr. Magoo,
  • Mickey Mouse,
  • Minnie Mouse,
  • Mighty Mouse,
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A comic book character and TV cartoon character would be Archie Andrews. His name begins with the letter A.

Pebbles Flintstone is a female cartoon character. Her name begins with the letter P.

magilla gorrila, marmaduke, Marvin the martian Micky Mouse

Well... Kermit the Frog?? I guess he's not exactly a cartoon though... Kit, of the Kit 'n' Carlyle cartoon strip

Quick Draw McGraw is a cartoon character. His name begins with Q.

Alley Oop , who was a time traveling caveman created by V.T. Hamlin in 1932 .

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Megatron. Mickey Mouse. Marmaduke. Mighty Mouse.

KenshiroKankuroKitty White (Hello Kitty's name)

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