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The names of the characters of the book seedfolks?

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Main Characters:

Kim (Lima Beans)



Gonzalo (Planted with Tio Juan)

Leona (Goldenrod)

Sam (Pumpkins with Puerto Rican kid)

Virgil (Lettuce with father)

Sae Young (Hot peppers)

Curtis (Tomatoes for Lateesha)

Nora (Planted with Mr. Myles)

Maricela (Raddish & Swiss Chard)

Amir (Eggplant)


Minor Characters:


Tio Juan


Virgil's Dad

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The characters are separating themselves by race.

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Nora plants hollyhocks, snapdragons, and poppies in the book Seedfolks.

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There are 69 pages in Seedfolks book that is written by Paul Fleischman.

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The theme in the book seedfolks is one small act can affect a whole community.

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