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The north won the civil war.

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The North won the Civil War by General Lee from the South surrendered to the North.

The North won the US Civil War.

The North won the Civil War. All the South had to do was defend. It was up to the North to attack, which in the end they did successfully.

The south didn't win the Civil War. It was the North (The Union) who beat the South (The Confederacy)

The North wanted to block the South

north abraham lincolns famous victory that helped the north win the civil war

they defeated the south that's how

No, victory to the American Civil War was conceded to the Union (also known as the North).

The north did win!______________________________________________________________The North did win the American Civil War - we live the results everyday .

Yes, the north won the Civil War.

Simply outnumbering in people, industries, and wealth.

AnswerWell the North did win. neither won, they never fought

They had more people on there army than the South. Also the slaves were on the North helping defeat the South for their freedom

Mr. Lincoln was a big fan of the North so he definitely wanted them to win.

when the civil war began, what was the main goal of the union (the north)

The South didn't win because they had surrendered to the North.The North didn't give up, the south were the ones who gave up.

In some ways. It proved that the South could not win when it came to fight on northern land. If the South couldn't win in the North then they could not win the war.

The. North won . Robert E Lee surrenderd to General Grant.

The Civil War. The North was the Union and the South, the confederacy.

In the US Civil War, the South had a number of advantages. Perhaps one of the best ones was the fact that they did not have to conquer the North to win. Their goal for independence would come when the North no longer wished to continue the conflict.

Did the south win the Civil War?

Florida wanted the south to win the US Civil War.

Yes, the North did win the American Civil War. Lee surrendered at Appomattox in April of 1865.

The north won the war against the south, and many of their ideals were implemented into the new society. Actually the South gave up and surrendered so the North won because of his surrender

The North had many advantages in the Civil War. They had more soldiers and more weapons. They were equipped to win the war with ease.