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Q: The nucleus that remains from an original star when the rest of the star has blown away is called a?
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The nucleus that remains from an original star when the rest of the stars has blown away is called?

Neutron star

Why it is not blown in a pippete when a base remains in it?

when you blown in a pippete, the base will react with carbon dioxide to form carbonate.

Ball-like remains of plant blown by prairie wind?


When the wire or foil strip inside a fuse melts what is it called?

It is called a blown fuse.

What is the length of water called over which the wind has blown?

A length of water over where the wind has blown is called a Fetch.

What is formed when the crest is blown off of a wave?

When the tops are blown off waves it is called "spindrift".

What have happened to the original rocks?

They were recycled by the Earth core or blown off Earth by meteors

What is wind blown dust called?


What is wind blown sediment called?

sand dune

What is the effect called when trees blown down?


What are Massive wind-blown piles of sand are called .?

The massive wind blown piles of sand are called sand dunes. This is when sands blow into a pile.

In the life cycle of a star when it has expanded blown away its outer atmosphere and collapsed it is called a?

It all depends on the original mass of the star.It could be one of many.White dwarf - most likely for the question.Neutron starBlack hole.