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Q: The policy to maintaining peace at any cost?
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The policy of forestalling any attacks upon this country or its allies by maintaining massive military strength is?


What was Chamberlain's foreign policy in World War 2?

Peace at any price.

Does homeowners insurance pay the full cost of repairs?

As with almost any insurance, it depends on your individual policy.

How much does a life insurance policy usually cost?

The cost of a life insurance policy depends on your age, lifestyle habits and marital status. It is hard to determine without these specifics. Additionally, any features that you woul dlike on your life insurance policy would effect the price.

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It's called free isn't it?

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Consider this situation: if the cost, in a nursing facility for example, exceeds on the agreed policy, the insurance company will assume the difference without asking the insurance holder any additional payment. If, on the otherhand, the cost is overestimated, the insurance company will retain the difference of the cost against the agreed policy without returning a refund to the insurance holder.

Northern democrates who favored making peace with the south were called?

Peace Democrats but there enemies called them copperheads

Does company policy override state laws?

Of course not. We have enough trouble maintaining reasonable laws throughout the land. We would have utter chaos if companies could override any state or federal law just by writing a policy. Local, state and federal laws always trump a company's policies.

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How much does peace cost?

Three pounds and twenty pence in my home town in the UK. When my "wife" starts nagging the only way I can get any peace is to go down to the pub for a while and have a beer, the price of which is given above.

What were three reasons European leaders agreed to a policy of appeasement?

The European leaders agreed to a policy of appeasement because France and Britain had adopted the stance of achieving peace at any price. Neither country was ready for war and there was British sentiment that Germany did have some grievances from Versailles.

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Is maintaining high prices and cutting down on supply a standard for any type of product.