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Catholic AnswerInstead of violet, for a funeral he can substitute white or black. On the third Sunday of Advent and the fourth Sunday of Lent he can substitute Rose.
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Q: The priest may wear what color vestment instead of violet?
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What color does the priest wear on Saint Patrick's Day?

Saint Patrick's Day falls during Lent so the vestment color would be violet.

What colour gown does the priest were in baptism?

During Baptism the color of priest vestment is WHITE.

What color vestment does priest wear at a Chrism Mass?

White vestments are worn

When does a priest wear an off white vestment?

Off-white is NOT a liturgical color approved by the Catholic Church.

What color will be on the priest vestment on Ash Wedsnday?


What color robe does the priestwear on Easter?

A priest's vestment is generally white when it's Easter. On special occasions, however, a priest might wear gold in white's place.

Do priest vestments have to match altar color?

Often, a banner matching priest vestment color is in front of altar, the color being associated with the church time, like purple as it is in Lent. It does not always match; if priest is doing funeral he will wear white but the altar may still be purple.

What color would the Priest be wearing during Lent?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Liturgical Color for Lent is Violet.

What color vestment would the priest wear on St. Clare's feast day?

Green would be worn on her feast day as it occurs during Ordinary Time.

What color vestment does a priest wear on the Feast of thr Assumption?

White or blue vestments may be worn on this Feast Day. The color blue is permitted only on Feast Days dedicated to the Blessed Virgin as it was her favorite color.

Which element emits violet color?

no element specifically emits a violet color, but instead its a mixture of some elements producing it. 3/13/12

What color vestment would the priest wear on the feast day of Saint Catherine of Siena?

The priest would wear white vestments on the feast day of Saint Catherine of Siena, which is celebrated on April 29th. White is the liturgical color used to honor saints and feasts of special importance in the Catholic Church.