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Q: The process through which a genetically identical cell or organism is produced is known as what?
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What is the process of creating a genetically identical copy of an organism?


If an organism is genetically identical to its parents it must have reproduced?

yes it has gone through a process called Asexual Reproduction.

What process produces genetically identical organisms?

copy genetic material to produce an identical cell

What type of reproduction results in offspring that are usually genetically identical to previous and explain why?

Genetically identical offspring are produced by asexual reproduction, also known as cloning. In asexual reproduction, the parent organism simply replicates its own genetics. This is in contrast to sexual reproduction in which two parent organisms combine their genetics.

What cellular process did plants undergo if they were clones?

Clones are offspring that are genetically identical to their parents and are produced through asexual reproduction, as opposed to sexual reproduction which produces a genetically different offspring.

By which process can a group of genetically identical plants be rapidly produced from the cells of a single plant?

cloning/Tisssue culture

When scientists use cells to produce an identical creature it is known as what?

Mitosis is the process whereby a cell replicates its DNA and divides into two identical daughter cells. Meiosis produces genetically unique haploid sex cells.

What process produces daughter cells that are genetically identical to there parent cells?

This process is called cell division or mitosis.

What process occurs to form cells that are genetically identical to the parent?


What is the name of the process through which scientists create genetically identical organisms?


What is the process of creating a opoulation of genetically identical cells from a single cell?


When a cell splits into two genetically identical daughter cells?

cell division: the process of interphase and mitosis makes one cell into two new ones with identical DNA interphase prepares the cell for mitosis mitosis includes prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and cytokinesis