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all the students began to make noice all boys starts 2 play with paper made aeroplanes and girls began 2 sing or 2 chat

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When a bell of english period start mam came 5 mint lates all students do so much crowds some go to every one chairs some asking dairy home work some go to washroom with out monitor permission when mam wvery one stand and say aoa mam mam say why you crowd so much every one feel shame full

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the scene in the classroom when the teacher is away?

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Q: The scene in the class room when the teacher is away?
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How are cell phones used in the class room?

They should not be. I would expect a teacher in any school here to take te phone away for the semester.

How do you hack and get on myscape at school?

you have to get the password from the teacher of the class room

How do you move the teacher away form her desk in the detention room on big nate?

you have to go to the science class and mix all of them the same amoun until it gos up the

How do you introduce yourself in a class room when you are a student teacher?

Ask an established teacher for advice, before entering the classroom.

Can a teacher be fired if marijuana is found in their home?

No not in their house , but in there class room yes.

Is room 1 the best class?

yes because we have mr f as our teacher

What does a teacher use in the class room which is 10 letters long?

A whiteboard.

How do you get the teacher out of the classroom on poptropica?

go in to the class go to your inventory click use stink bomb and she will go out of the class room

Class schedule and room assignment and teacher's assignment how these contribute in the effective implementation of the curriculum?

The class schedule, room assignment, and teacher's assignment are all factors in effective implementation of the curriculum. The teacher for example should be placed in with the topic they are most comfortable covering in order to effectively contribute to the curriculum.

What would it mean if all students attained a 0 percent?

If all students receive a failing grade in a class room it is usually considered the teacher's fault and the students will most likely be transferred out of the teacher's class and the teacher may even be fired.

What are the duties of a class monitor?

noting everyone in the class is present, helping the teacher when required, to supervise the class when the teacher is out of the room, collect the register from the main office (if you do that at your school and it isnt computerized) and other forms of organisation like assemblies and class stalls at fetes and charity events

Why should classes have class presidents?

they should because if the teacher went out the room the president can watch the class and report people who were talking and if the teacher is absent the president will know where everything is to represent the students in school governments