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The second kind of earth motion is earth revolving or?

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Another word for revolve is orbit.

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The earth revolving around the sun is what kind of theory?

Its the Heliocentric Theory

What is the difference between perpetual motion machines of first kind and perpetual motion machines of the second kind?

Neither first or second kind of perpetual motion machines can be constructed, beacuse their existence violates the first law of Thermodynamics

What kind of motion takes about a year?

The Earth orbiting the Sun?

What kind of currents inside the earth drive plate motion?

plate tectonics

What kind of motion would you expect if you threw a ball on the moon?

every thing on earth

Can the revolving of the moon around the earth be an example of acceleration?

Yes. The moon is continuously 'falling' around the Earth, and the acceleration is due to the gravitic attraction between them. This is a different acceleration than the "go faster and faster" kind.

What kind of motion occurs at a transform plate boundary?

The motion created is, 1 plate moves in one direction, while the second plate moves in the opposite direction.

What kind of motion is projectile motion?


What is the kind of motion for the pivot joint?

rotating motion

What motion mean?

Motion is movement of any kind.

What kind a motion does a pivot joint have?

A rolling motion

What are the two kind of motion in the universe?

there r only one kind of motion but it changes by viewers how does he identify that.

Motion perpendicular to earth's surface is what kind of motion?

up and down motiongravitationally aligned motionnon-conservative motionvertical

What is the name of the kind of motion that causes an earthquake?

The stick-slip motion

The type of motion that's present in circular or curved pathways is call what kind of motion?

Circular Motion

What kind of molecules have the least kind of kinetic energy?

no motion

What kind of energy is the energy of motion?

The energy of motion is called kinetic energy.

What kind of energy is motion?


What are the 4 speeds of a horse?

Walk (being the slowest)Trot (second slowest)Canter (a kind of rocking motion and second fastest)Gallop (the fastest speed. Some race horses can exceed 30 mph)

Kind of force that causes a change in motion?

Applied force causes a change in motion. The change of motion can be from stationary to motion or a change of speed or acceleration.

What kind of energy is carried by objects in motion?

Objects in motion possess kinetic energy.

What is the kind of motion that causes objects to move in a circle?

The kind of motion that causes objects to move in a circle is formed or produced when the object is suspended from another object that is stationary. And because the moving object is suspended it will be subject to gravity which will cause it to move in a circle or circular-like motion. The actual kind or cause of the motion is a simple swaying or arc-like motion.

What kind of contract is a revolving credit card account legally defined as?

It can be considered an open account or a written contract.

What kind of credit is extended when a person uses a credit card?

The type of credit that is extended when a person uses a credit card is revolving credit. Revolving credit allows the consumer to carry a balance and pay a minimum monthly.

What kind scientist studies motion?