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Use one space after a punctuation in APA format.

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2009-12-16 15:46:30
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Q: The spacing after punctuation in a writing assignment in APA format?
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What type of spacing you use in MLA format?

You should use double-spacing throughout your essay with in MLA format.

What type of spacing is used in apa format papers?

APA formatting style requires a certain regulation to apply the type of spacing in the paper. Here, double spacing is used in APA format papers.

What is the number setting for double spacing?

In Word: Format > Line Spacing > Double. It could not be simpler!

What is the proper spacing for a MLA?

Double spacing is the proper spacing for MLA. In MLA format it is must to double-space the entire list.

What is a writing format?

A writing FORMAT is what the writing looks like.

What is the mechanics of writing?

The mechanics of writing is a broad term covering all the rules of grammar. It includes punctuation, spelling, sentence and paragraph structure. In addition, it can include documentation and format of your references. It can also include the overall flow of what you are writing.

Can you triple or quadruple space in apa format?

There are a lot of rules of reference list in APA citation. Among several of them the rules of spacing is really significant. In APA format the spacing should be double spaced. Triple or quadruple spacing will not be applicable.

What is the rhyming format for writing poetry?

writing format! blah!

On a PC 102 key keyboard how do you switch from single to double spacing?

Click on this OpenOffice menu item: Format => Paragraph => Indents/Spacing => Line Spacing => double

What is an irony punctuation?

Irony punctuation is a type of notation that is used to express sarcasm or irony in written format. An example of irony punctuation is the reverse question mark.

What is the spacing in for apa guidelines?

Double space papers for APA format.

When writing a paper in apa format can you use double line spacing?

Yes; double space throughout, including reference page. See general APA guidelines in the related link.

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