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Yes it is in the constitution.


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The farmers included a system of check and balances into the constitution because they believed that each branch of government can exercise checks, or controls, over the other branches. Not the FARMERS, man!

The Framers of the Constitution included the ability of Congress to override a veto as a way to check the power of the President. It is part of the system of checks and balances.

The idea of the system of checks and balances was to prevent any one individual or part of government to dominate the others, flout the Constitution, or take complete control of the country.

How do the three branches work within the system of check and balances?

He can use the check and balances system to check the other branches of government.

So that each branch could check on the other two and make sure that a branch didn't abuse their power. :)

Republicanism, Federalism, Separation of Powers, Check and Balances

using the system of checks and balances

No. The system of checks and balances ensures that the Judicial Branch (the courts) check that the Legislative Branch (Senate & House of Representatives) does NOT enact laws that are in conflict with the US Constitution.

I think that they check their balances and stuff by asking the president?

so if two of the other government branches thought the other was too powerful they could check the issue then balance the branches

Nothing, Government already has TOO MUCH POWER! (=_=v) The real answer is The Constitution. And how so? By the system of Check and Balances

Checks and balances protect against any one sector from having all power. Checks control one side's actions. Balances attempt to moderate decisions and choices. However, big government has grown so large, the check and balances system seems at times to fail.

checks and balances is the system were the legislative, executive and judicial branches check each other to make sure they are not abusing their power.

To prevent -anyone- from becoming a "king" (all powerful).

Montesquieu's tripartite system is the system used in the US federal government. The checks and balances means that each branch of the government has a unique role, but they are able to keep the other branches in check and no one branch has ultimate authority.

The system of Checks and Balances in your government( most likely the US) is a system of government in which the three branched legislative executive and judicial check on each other to prevent one branch from getting too powerful.

he can veto their bills, it is all part of the checks and balances system

The constitution keeps the power evenly distributed between the three branches of government by using a system of checks and balances. This basically means that if one branch is exceeding the limits of power, another branch can "check" it.

He included a provision in the Constitution that gave the national legislature the power to veto state laws. Sites: Check out and he did that to.

The Constitution does. The government makes laws and enforces them but the constitution actually protects individual's rights. The US is a constitutional federated republic. The government is kept in check by the constitution. Without the checks and balances that the constitution provides, the government could take away all rights of the people, controlling all they say and do. A government without checks and balances usually ends in dictatorship.

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